Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Final QupZilla release is out!

Final release, QupZilla 2.2.6, is now out.
There will be no more QupZilla releases, please switch to Falkon.

  • added VerticalTabs plugin
  • added NoCoin List as default list to AdBlock
  • added support for userscript icons in GreaseMonkey
  • added extension:// scheme to be used from plugins
  • added support for changing default background color of webview
  • added support for real WebInspector with QtWebEngine 5.11
  • added support for filtering 3rd party cookies with QtWebEngine 5.11
  • improved Unload Tab action to kill the web process entirely
  • fix default size of pinned tabs with some Qt styles
  • fix loading incomplete urls from locationbar with search disabled

Download: source code (at github.com)


  1. RIP QupZilla :(

  2. I just started using QupZilla a few months ago. However, on Windows 10 there are a couple of bugs. Perhaps it was not compatible with Windows 10?

    I am going to try out QupZilla 2.2.6 on Windows 10 and if it clears up some of the bugs, then I will keep it. If not I will definately check out Falkon. I quit using Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

    I never use Microsoft Internet Explorer. I have only tested Microsoft Edge. Overall, I liked QupZilla.

    1. Your head has couple of bugs...

    2. Today there is no difference between qupzilla and falkon except name. I had try both of them. By the way i don't like spyware - google chrome too, and only unique addons keeps me from drop a firefox