Sunday, February 4, 2018

Introducing new extension: Vertical Tabs

Next release will include new extension: Vertical Tabs.

Vertical Tabs in tree view with Windows theme
It provides a sidebar with tab list that allows you to use it instead of main tab bar and makes it possible to display much more tabs at once without the need of scrolling.
In its current form, it provides two modes: List view and Tree view.
List view is a simple tab list in the same order as in main tab bar. Tree view, however, tracks the tabs hierarchy. This means that if you open a new tab from the current tab, new tab will be added as a "child" of current tab (for example if you search for something and then open the search result links in new tabs, all those tabs will be added as children of search results tab).

Vertical Tabs also support themes, there are currently 3 built-in themes, but you can also use your own custom theme. If you actually end up writing your own theme, don't hesitate to share it!


Falkon update
As some of you were asking when will the first Falkon release come out, I want to say that it will be soon. Last things are being finished now before the release can be finally made.


  1. Hey, nice work! Can't wait to see it.

  2. Brilliant! Love how many options this browser has right from the start!

  3. Great feature, thank you for the hard work!

  4. Full screen video exit issue also fixed! Thanks

  5. You are closeup to Chrome or FF, it is going to an absolut excellent Webbrowser now :-)))