Tuesday, January 9, 2018

What's new in QupZilla 2.2.4

Next release will be a point release (so technically still a bugfix release), but it will actually bring a lot of new features too.

Windows theme
One thing that will be immediately noticeable for Windows users is completely new theme. This theme takes advantage of number of new features in theme engine, including better support for styling tabs. As with all themes, it's not exclusive to Windows users and it actually looks very good on other platforms too.

Windows theme on Linux
In addition to themes, it is now possible to tweak interface with userChrome.css style sheet in profile directory.

Configurable Navigation Toolbar
It is now possible to configure which elements to show in navigation bar, but more importantly it is also possible to change order of all elements. There are also new buttons: Tools button (contains hidden buttons), Downloads button (only displayed when there are downloads in Download Manager), AdBlock button (indicates number of blocked requests on pages) and GreaseMonkey button.

Improved Tab bar
Our Tab bar implementation (ComboTabBar) received a great number of fixes and improvements overall. It now supports drag&drop: dragging tabs between windows, detaching tabs and adding new tabs by dropping text/url on tab bar.
It is now possible to change minimum/maximum sizes of tabs with style sheet (it can be set either from theme or userChrome.css as noted above):

    qproperty-normalMaxWidth: 250;
    qproperty-normalMinWidth: 150;
    qproperty-activeMinWidth: 150;
    qproperty-overflowedWidth: 150;
    qproperty-pinnedWidth: 32;
The property names are all self-explanatory, overflowedWidth applies to tabs when tab bar scroll buttons are visible.

Improved multi-window management
It is now possible to restore closed windows, available from menu History - Closed windows or with Ctrl+Shift+N shortcut. Each window in session will now restore its size and settings. It is now also possible to have different sidebar on each window and it will be correctly restored with session.

Improved GreaseMonkey
GreaseMonkey now supports API functions from Firefox GreaseMonkey 4.0. This, with other general fixes, should greatly improve compatibility with well-behaving userscripts.

That sums up the most important improvements.

New version should be out by the end of this week.

Pre-release builds are available here (github.com).


  1. Hi,

    Download section still points to 2.2.3.

    1. "New version should be out by the end of this week."

    2. And it didn't happen.

  2. Would be cool if the AppImage would be based upon Qt 5.10 as it brings the crash workaround for Nouveau drivers.
    Or if based on Qt 5.9.x to include a workaround setting
    before "really" starting falkon/qupzilla.

    1. Qt 5.10 cannot be used because it has bug with load signals resulting in infinite load animation on tabs.

      You can export the env var when starting QupZilla, why would that need to be done from application?

    2. To save others the trouble of looking up the bug reports, this is the bug being mentioned:

  3. Qupzilla has issue with KDE scaling. Have set display scaling in KDE settings manager to 1.4 as I've a screen with 133 DPI. Qupzilla, specifically the fonts displayed by Qupzilla for webpages does not seem to respect this at all. Almost everything else, including Firefox 57 has scaled correctly.

    1. That's issue in QtWebEngine. Also please note that non-integer scale factors are officially unsuported by Qt.

      As a workaround you can set default zoom > 100%.

    2. Thanks David. This is indeed a weird situation, as practically all displays i.e at home as well as work are non standard i.e not 96 DPI monitors. Only hope of this being addressed in future seems to be this bug report being resolved: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-53022

      Another issue I've come accross is when exiting full screen videos in Qupzilla. Qupzilla window changes size when exiting a full screen video. For example, if Qupzilla window is maximized when a video is made full screen, exiting the video will cause Qupzilla Window to resize and change its position.

    3. What I would really like when it comes to full screen mode is an option to disable the JS-induced fullscreening. What I mean is that if I click the "full screen" button provided by the website, I want the (often very small by default) video to fill the web page viewport, but not to eat the browser controls and even the task bar as full screen mode does. (YouTube has a dedicated "cinema mode" for that, but on most other sites, the choice is only between a really small rectangle or full screen.)

    4. (So in that mode, the website should THINK that full screen is supported, but it shouldn't actually full-screen the window.)

  4. Kevin, I was just searching Qupzillas issues to see if the problem exiting fullscreen was already reported and stumbled upon this, which might help your case:


    It basically explains that if you are in fullscreen mode and move your mouse to the top it shows the tab bar and address bar.

    I just checked and it also works with JS-induced fullscreen, at least in youtube.


    1. Unfortunately, it's the task bar that I care about the most. (I can't really last through a long video without checking IRC. ;-) )

  5. I think this is the best lightweight browser (extremely fast) and it has a great out of the box experience. It kind of grows on you. Very stable on KDE Neon User edition, no crashes so far, and everything works and looks like it should. By the way I love the Mac look, very well done.

    I use it as an alternative next to Firefox for my favourite sites and for web-applications as it boots so fast.

    One request: Could you make Ctrl+Tab behave like Alt+Tab. Quick press to toggle between last used tabs, long press to go through the tabs list. That would be awsome.