Tuesday, January 16, 2018

QupZilla 2.2.4 released!

This release brings a lot of new and improved features on top of bug fixes.
You can read more in previous post: What's new in QupZilla 2.2.4

  • added option to disable search suggestions from locationbar
  • added support for detaching and moving tabs to other windows with drag&drop
  • added support for dropping text/url on tabbar to create new tabs
  • added support for GreaseMonkey 4.0 API in userscripts
  • added support for customizing navigation bar layout and widgets
  • added support for loading userChrome.css stylesheet from profile to configure interface
  • added new buttons to navigation bar: Tools, Downloads, GreaseMonkey and AdBlock
  • added new Windows theme and improve every other theme
  • added support for printing from JavaScript with window.print()
  • closed windows can now be restored using history menu or Ctrl+Shit+N shortcut
  • multiple windows in session now each restore its geometry, state and settings
  • number of fixes and improvements in tabbar
  • greatly improved compatibility with various GreaseMonkey userscripts
  • updated design for SpeedDial
  • fix infinite loading animation on some sites with QtWebEngine 5.10
  • fix restoring maximized state after leaving fullscreen
  • fix internal pages not working when JavaScript is disabled
  • fix showing close button in Web Inspector
  • fix tabs not being restored when activated in some cases
  • fix loading "localhost" from locationbar
  • fix applying web settings when in private mode

Download: source code (at github.com)

Note: You need to have Extensions enabled in Preferences for AdBlock to be available.


  1. Hi. I downloaded the new version, 2.2.4, and I can't find the adblock button. Is there a way to enable it, or did it get removed?

    1. It should be hidden in Tools button. You can customize Navigation Toolbar by right click -> Customize Toolbar.

    2. I can't find anything about adblock in the menus, preferences or tools either with QupZilla 2.2.4. And I see some ads I wasn't seeing with the previous versions.
      I'm using the version provided by my Linux distribution (ArchLinux).

    3. It's in "Tools" button by default. Alternatively you can move it to Navigation Toolbar with right click on toolbar -> Customize Toolbar.

    4. David, same here. There is no Ablock anywhere. Not even on Preferences. There is no way to configure it.

    5. You need to have Extensions enabled.

    6. That was it. Thanks

  2. The new Standard-Theme is very stylish.
    Would it be possible to add a Bookmark-Menu-Button to the Toolbar, like the Firefox? I personally hate this Bookmark-Bar because it minimize the available screen-size.

  3. Hi,
    I have had issues with version 2.2.3 which kept crashing and locking my computer (debian linux). I am also running KDE here. Is this major bug fixed?

    1. Eh he he he..., you are really funny...

  4. 2.2.4 is VULNERABLE to Spectre


    1. It has nothing to do with application version. It depends on QtWebEngine version. So when you update your QtWebEngine then even older QupZilla releases stops being vulnerable.

    2. The Spectre workaround will be in QtWebEngine 5.10.1 and 5.9.4.

  5. Thanks for clarification, David. But current 2.2.4 qupzilla running as app_image would use its own QtWebEngine of 5.10.0 version that is "inside" app_image. And that is unfortunately vulnerable. Otoh Debian Stretch currently runs much older 5.7.1 QtWebEngine with 2.1.2 qupzilla. And that older one is not vulnerable according to test made in MX Linux based on Debian 9.3

  6. Just downloaded portable version of 2.2.4 and no adblock. I have followed all advice given here and still no adblock. Configuration Info (Help menu) shows no adblock settings. Got this version from quzilla.com. Version from portableapps.com has no adblock but Configuration Information shows settings for it.
    Has AdBlock been removed from portable version?

    1. Since you are using QupZilla downloaded from "somewhere", why you asking here!?
      Even you are lazy to read the comments above....

    2. I read and followed the instructions given in the comments above and they don't work for the portable version downloaded from the Qupzilla.com site.

    3. I redownloaded the portable version from Qupzilla.com and now AdBlocker is working. There must have been something wrong with my the other download.
      Thanks David Rosca for creating this great browser. I've been using it since 2013. And yes, I have made a donation to you. Anyone using this browser needs to support by making a donation.