Sunday, January 28, 2018

QupZilla 2.2.5 released!

  • added Unload Tab action
  • added search engine buttons to locationbar completer
  • added option to disable automatic password completion on sites
  • plugins are now always enabled (fixes missing AdBlock)
  • bring back AdBlock and GreaseMonkey icons in statusbar + add new buttons
  • fix incorrect size of buttons in bookmarks toolbar with some styles
  • fix losing session when loading newer profile with old application version
  • fix temporariliy enabling/disabling JavaScript using StatusBarIcons plugin
  • fix user agent settings not being applied on startup
  • fix calculating remaining time in download manager

Download: source code (at

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

QupZilla 2.2.4 released!

This release brings a lot of new and improved features on top of bug fixes.
You can read more in previous post: What's new in QupZilla 2.2.4

  • added option to disable search suggestions from locationbar
  • added support for detaching and moving tabs to other windows with drag&drop
  • added support for dropping text/url on tabbar to create new tabs
  • added support for GreaseMonkey 4.0 API in userscripts
  • added support for customizing navigation bar layout and widgets
  • added support for loading userChrome.css stylesheet from profile to configure interface
  • added new buttons to navigation bar: Tools, Downloads, GreaseMonkey and AdBlock
  • added new Windows theme and improve every other theme
  • added support for printing from JavaScript with window.print()
  • closed windows can now be restored using history menu or Ctrl+Shit+N shortcut
  • multiple windows in session now each restore its geometry, state and settings
  • number of fixes and improvements in tabbar
  • greatly improved compatibility with various GreaseMonkey userscripts
  • updated design for SpeedDial
  • fix infinite loading animation on some sites with QtWebEngine 5.10
  • fix restoring maximized state after leaving fullscreen
  • fix internal pages not working when JavaScript is disabled
  • fix showing close button in Web Inspector
  • fix tabs not being restored when activated in some cases
  • fix loading "localhost" from locationbar
  • fix applying web settings when in private mode

Download: source code (at

Note: You need to have Extensions enabled in Preferences for AdBlock to be available.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

What's new in QupZilla 2.2.4

Next release will be a point release (so technically still a bugfix release), but it will actually bring a lot of new features too.

Windows theme
One thing that will be immediately noticeable for Windows users is completely new theme. This theme takes advantage of number of new features in theme engine, including better support for styling tabs. As with all themes, it's not exclusive to Windows users and it actually looks very good on other platforms too.

Windows theme on Linux
In addition to themes, it is now possible to tweak interface with userChrome.css style sheet in profile directory.

Configurable Navigation Toolbar
It is now possible to configure which elements to show in navigation bar, but more importantly it is also possible to change order of all elements. There are also new buttons: Tools button (contains hidden buttons), Downloads button (only displayed when there are downloads in Download Manager), AdBlock button (indicates number of blocked requests on pages) and GreaseMonkey button.

Improved Tab bar
Our Tab bar implementation (ComboTabBar) received a great number of fixes and improvements overall. It now supports drag&drop: dragging tabs between windows, detaching tabs and adding new tabs by dropping text/url on tab bar.
It is now possible to change minimum/maximum sizes of tabs with style sheet (it can be set either from theme or userChrome.css as noted above):

    qproperty-normalMaxWidth: 250;
    qproperty-normalMinWidth: 150;
    qproperty-activeMinWidth: 150;
    qproperty-overflowedWidth: 150;
    qproperty-pinnedWidth: 32;
The property names are all self-explanatory, overflowedWidth applies to tabs when tab bar scroll buttons are visible.

Improved multi-window management
It is now possible to restore closed windows, available from menu History - Closed windows or with Ctrl+Shift+N shortcut. Each window in session will now restore its size and settings. It is now also possible to have different sidebar on each window and it will be correctly restored with session.

Improved GreaseMonkey
GreaseMonkey now supports API functions from Firefox GreaseMonkey 4.0. This, with other general fixes, should greatly improve compatibility with well-behaving userscripts.

That sums up the most important improvements.

New version should be out by the end of this week.

Pre-release builds are available here (