Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Session Manager is coming to QupZilla

Long awaited feature is finally coming to QupZilla in next release. Session Manager was added by srazi.

Session Manager
You can now create, delete, rename, clone and switch to sessions. It is now also possible to manually restore one of the two automatic backups of last browsing session.

Other features coming in QupZilla 2.2
QupZilla icon is now displayed for PulseAudio playback streams on Linux.
TabManager plugin received number of fixes and also now switches to tabs with just single click.
GreaseMonkey plugin improved handling of downloading and updating scripts.

And also a lot of bugs were fixed, including often reported issue with setting initial zoom on webpages.

QupZilla icon for playback streams

Original plan for QupZilla 2.2 release was to be around the same time as Qt 5.9 was released. Unfortunately, Qt 5.9 contains bug (QTBUG-61621) that causes keyboard shortcuts not working when webpage is focused in QupZilla.
This bug is now fixed and will be in Qt 5.9.2, thus QupZilla 2.2 will be released when Qt 5.9.2 is released (currently listed as August 2017).


  1. I am anxious to try this new version that is coming because I love this browser !!
    I have an old netbook with architecture 32 bits and this browser is wonderful, not compared to the robust firefox, chromium, opera and vivaldi.

    Postscript: no, I do not have money to renew my old netbook ;)

  2. thanks for the effort. Really like to use Qupzilla as my default browser in both Windows and OpenSUSE.

  3. Awesome job.
    This is my new default browser.

    But there is still a feature wich is missing, web dev tools.
    Is that planed?

  4. Typo?
    Instead of: "Long awaited future is finally...", perhaps you meant:

    "Long awaited feature is finally..."?