Friday, January 13, 2017

QupZilla for Flatpak

After fixing last issue with QtWebEngine to get it running on Flatpak, it is now possible to install QupZilla with Flatpak. It uses KDE Flatpak runtime for Qt libraries.

Install KDE runtime
If you don't have KDE runtime installed, you should install it according to instructions.

Install QupZilla
To install QupZilla Nightly builds, use following commands:

flatpak --user remote-add qupzilla --gpg-import=qupzillaflatpak.asc
flatpak --user install qupzilla org.qupzilla.QupZilla  

This will install QupZilla for the current user. You should then see it in applications menu as QupZilla (Nightly).

It is still experimental version, but it should work fine. Please try it and report any issues you found.