Wednesday, December 21, 2016

QupZilla 2 on Debian based distributions

There are lot of users who ask how to build latest QupZilla on Debian based (Ubuntu, Mint, ...) distributions. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution as QtWebEngine is not available in repositories. Moreover, QtWebEngine is not packaged in any version of Debian, so it won't be available for users anytime soon, if ever...
This is the main reason I dropped my Ubuntu PPA, because there is no easy way to build QupZilla there. Please don't use it anymore, I also removed it from homepage.

EDIT: Looks like QtWebEngine made it into Debian Sid repository just after publishing this blog post. In any case, it will still take at least about a year until it gets into stable Debian/Ubuntu release.

How to get latest QupZilla on Debian
Your only option currently is to build it yourself. For this, you need to use Qt version that comes with QtWebEngine (eg. offical builds or from PPA). After that, just proceed with build instructions as usual.

However, this is far from ideal. Recently, there have been efforts to get QupZilla build and run as a universal Linux package (snap, flatpak), none of them are unfortunately in usable state yet. In any case, I believe this is the solution for the Debian issue (and will be useful for other distributions too), and I hope remaining issues will be sorted out soon.

What's coming in QupZilla 2.1
I have also been working on a new version of QupZilla. It is scheduled to be released when Qt 5.8 is out.  One of the features that is coming back is spell checking.

Current Spell Check Preferences (work in progress)

Qt 5.8 is currently scheduled to be released on 5th January 2017, so that also means new QupZilla version won't be released in this year.

That's all for this year, I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  1. Thanks for this info. One reason I switched from a Debian based distro was to be able to get the current version of Qupzilla. I am using the Parabole GNU Linux distro called (based on Arch) and was able to easily obtain the 2.0.2 Qupzilla straight from their repos. I like Qupzilla because it gives me smooth scrolling in Facebook and overall doesn't get bogged down as quickly as other browsers.

  2. QtWebEngine just appeared in Debian sid and I builded current Qupzilla master with it's packages.

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  4. I use Bodhi Linux. Just tuped 'sudo apt-get install qupzilla' and got the browser installed without any problems. Working good so far, better than Midori which crashed all the time.

    1. Marry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too, keep good working, and thanks for Qupzilla! :)

  5. First of all, thank you for QupZilla, it's my main browser in Linux now, and I enjoy it a lot.

    Sadly, at work / Windows environment it has several issues I can't get around, namely proxy auth / NTLM isn't working properly (isn't on Mozilla either, just works in Chrome and IE) and rendering somehow seems way off to the linux version (slow, very likely webengine related)..

    Though, I can live with using other browsers at work, and ENJOY it a lot in Linux. Thank you so much for bringing a great, Qt based QtWebEngine browser to us. As a KDE user and Qt developer, very much appreciated. Especially since I don't like chromium or firefox a lot, QupZilla was the first Qt based web browser bringing a great experience to me EVER since I am a Linux and KDE user, which would be ever since 1998.

  6. Nice! Nowadays QtWebEngine is packaged for next versions of Ubuntu, Kubuntu:

  7. QT web engine is in Debian 9 (Stretch), which has been released as the new stable version in June. So there are no more excuses ;)