Monday, October 24, 2016

QupZilla 2.0.2 released!

Second bugfix version is now available.
  • update default user-agent strings
  • add short command line variant for all options
  • show navigation bar when adding new tab in fullscreen
  • supermenu button is no longer hidden in fullscreen
  • fix overwriting speed dial title when loading fails
  • fix positions of speed dials in rtl
  • fix context menu actions when site specifies base href
  • fix issue with tabbar sometimes being invisible when leaving fullscreen
  • Windows: fix background radient in browsing library

Download: source code (at

This is the last bugfix release in 2.0 release cycle. Newer releases of QupZilla will now require at least Qt 5.7.

The upcoming 2.1.0 version of QupZilla will, among other new features, bring back support for spellchecking.