Wednesday, June 8, 2016

QupZilla 2.0.1 released!

First bugfix version is now available.
  • don't force enabling HighDPI scaling by default
  • fix crash when unloading AutoScroll plugin
  • fix showing Inspect Element action when web inspector is disabled
  • fix showing context menu when page zoom is not 100%
  • fix destroying WebPage when opened as popup
  • fix setting default font families
  • fix saving last download path in download manager
  • fix using external download manager
  • fix cancelling http and proxy authentication dialogs

Download: source code (at

For those updating from 1.8.x versions: It is advisable to start with new profile as updating profile from 1.8.x to 2.x version is not supported. You can create and remove profiles from preferences.

Most Windows issues should be now fixed. There is still issue with using QupZilla in virtual machine with 3D acceleration enabled - websites are flashing or shows entirely in black (QTBUG-43110). Workaround for this issue is to disable 3D acceleration for your virtual machine.