Wednesday, March 30, 2016

QupZilla 2.0.0 released with QtWebEngine!

QupZilla 2.0.0 is now available. This is a new major version of QupZilla and also brings great changes. The biggest change is the switch of rendering engine, from old and unmaintained QtWebKit to shiny new QtWebEngine!

QtWebEngine is using Chromium to render web pages which brings much better compatibility with web pages and also great stability (thanks to multi-process architecture).

There are big changes (both architecture and API-wise) between QtWebKit and QtWebEngine, so porting of QupZilla took some time. There are also still features from QtWebKit not available in QtWebEngine, so some QupZilla features may not be available in new release. Those missing features will come back in next releases of QupZilla and QtWebEngine.

QupZilla now depends on latest Qt release (Qt 5.6) to be able to use all QtWebEngine features.

QupZilla is now available in repositories of all major distributions. From now on, I will stop providing Linux builds. This also means that my Ubuntu PPA will not get any new releases. I will still provide Windows builds.

Download: source code (at

Update: I did not ditch support for Linux, quite the opposite. I just said in this post that I myself will no longer provide Linux builds. You should install QupZilla from your distribution's repositories or build it yourself.