Wednesday, November 11, 2015

QupZilla 1.8.9 released with new logo!

Ninth bugfix version is now available.
  • new QupZilla logo
  • add button to open spellcheck settings in preferences
  • remove gradient in toolbar of browsing library
  • fix showing authors page in about dialog
  • fix showing current tab in tabbar after restoring session
  • fix searching for invalid one-word url strings from locationbar
  • fix switch to tab from locationbar completer when it is the only tab in window 

Download: source code (at

Highlight of this version is the new logo, made by Adrien Vigneron and Elio Qoshi.


  1. @logo

    what is it? a circle with a white flag? shorts flattering in the wind? sorry but i don't get it...

  2. I like the new logo - it complements the KDE Breeze icon theme superbly. :)

  3. I also dislike it ,too. Since it doesnt fit into other desktop environments not to mention osx and Windows.

  4. Looks nice, the new Logo: I use 1.8.9 with the awesome Noto Font ^^

  5. a very tasteful choice

  6. The new logo has a solid look and eye catching colors. It steps away from the faded pastel and washed out sky blue sf the old logo. I'll have to check if the OS/2 version also have this logo update.

    I'll have to investigate why one of the Anonymous bunch of guys think Noto font is awesome. Never heard of it but then I don't customize much.

  7. the new logo has a very catchy in Linux Desktop Environment

  8. Awesome release! This is such an awesome browser! Keep up the good work! :D