Sunday, August 16, 2015

New QupZilla logo

After a quite long time of silence, I have a news about QupZilla.

New logo
Adrien Vigneron volunteered to create a new logo for QupZilla and already sent me couple of ideas. I believe the current logo is not great enough, so I every help is greatly appreciated.

I'd like to share the drafts with all of you, so you can make comments or even improve it!

New idea:

These are the drafts I like the most. For other ideas, please see Adrien's blog.
Also please click on the logo to view it in original size, the logos are incorrectly scaled down.

Development status
There haven't been much activity lately. This is mainly due to web engine state in latest Qt release. QtWebKit (which uses QupZilla 1.x) is now deprecated and QtWebEngine is not yet enough API-rich to be used for full featured web browser.
There is also a huge problem with some distributions not packaging QtWebEngine at all.

I hope it will all be fixed in future Qt releases and I will be able to release QupZilla 2.0 soon.
That being said, I am planning to release at least one more 1.8 bugfix version (1.8.7) in next month. I'd like to use the new logo for this release!