Sunday, December 14, 2014

QupZilla's extension-wiki is ready

To give QupZilla users an overview about all extensions available for use, an additional wiki has been aroused. You will find detailed information about how to configure and to use the extensions. Many screenshots will visualise options and look & feel.

So, continue reading here: qupzilla-plugins/wiki

This blog post and the wiki was written by Jonathan Hooverman. Thanks a lot for his great work!


  1. I dont Like Qupzill Web Browser Because it doesnt have an extension that can be used to block the adds, cannot download youtube videos, no got the vpn (ip hide) like others browser, any users who read my comments............................ pls dont install qupzilla on your PC/Labtop.

  2. @Anonymous: What's your problem? Looks like you are only a hater! Qupzilla has an integrated adblocker, no other browser can download videos without a extension, the operating system should handly vpn and not the browser... just as i say it. You are only a hater!

  3. I know. That first comment is inane.

  4. I would use QupZilla if I could run NoScript. Is there any way to prevent non-whitelisted scripts from running?