Friday, September 26, 2014

QupZilla 1.8.0 released!

After a long wait, the new version was finally released!
  • added support for window.beforeunload event
  • added support for external.AddSearchProvider js function
  • added undo/redo actions to context menu in forms
  • added new theme Breathe
  • added new commandline option to toggle fullscreen
  • added new commandline option to enable portable mode
  • added new context menu action to open links in private window
  • added new smooth and fully transparent loading animation
  • added option to disable weak ciphers in SSL Manager
  • added support for shadow builds with Qt Creator
  • completely rewritten bookmarks (including multi-level folders support)
  • location bar completer is now running in separate thread
  • menus are not closed when opening links with middle mouse button
  • ctrl+w shortcut no longer closes pinned tab
  • pinned tabs are now restored everytime, not only when restoring session
  • enable sending DoNotTrack header by default
  • full support for search engines that use POST method
  • Oxygen icon theme is now default fallback icon theme
  • Qt translations are now loaded from system directories where available
  • correctly load one-word hosts (eg. localhost or anything other in /etc/hosts)
  • search engines manager can now be opened from preferences
  • various tweaks in SpeedDial theme including lower minimal size for dials
  • various tweaks in Linux theme including support for big fonts in location bar
  • various fixes for Qt5 including bugs in tab bar
  • various fixes for RTL languages including rendering of location bar completer
  • AdBlock: support for exception css rules
  • AdBlock: improved performance of loading rules
  • MouseGestures: option to set mouse button for gestures
  • MouseGestures: support for rocker navigation to go back/forward in history
  • GreaseMonkey: correctly load scripts in frames
  • GreaseMonkey: fix rare issue that userscripts won't load on some sites
  • KWalletPasswords: support for KF5 KWallet
  • windows: load font.ttf (from current dir, if exists) and set it as default app font

Download: source code (at