Sunday, March 30, 2014

New bookmarks and other improvements

It's been a while since I blogged about a new features that landed in git, but it doesn't mean there aren't any. I've just been too lazy to write...

Bookmarks have been completely rewritten. It now finally supports nested folders, the feature that's been missing for a long time. Internally, it stores bookmarks in JSON file with very similar structure as the Chrome's bookmarks (it is actually possible to simply copy Chrome's file into QupZilla profile and it will just work).
There is now also support for separators. Bookmarks import now also supports importing full bookmarks structure (including nested folders), the same applies for export to Html.

New bookmarks (Toolbar and Oganizer)
LocationBar received major code cleanup. It no longer uses various hacks to draw host part of url with different color. More importantly, the completer now runs in separate thread. If you have a long history, searching in LocationBar will no longer slow you down.

Zoom Widget and Closed Tabs button
StatusBarIcons plugin now offers Zoom widget in Status Bar, well-known feature from Opera browser. Just a note, you can disable all icons except Zoom widget if you don't like other icons StatusBarIcons plugin offers.
There is now also separate button for closed tabs in tabbar (in the right corner). There used to be option to show closed tabs instead of list of tabs in tabbar corner button. They are now two separate buttons.

Zoom widget in Status Bar
New Breathe theme
Not yet in main git repository, but soon will be. The new theme (all screenshots in this post are made with Breathe theme) made by Mladen slightly modifies the Linux default theme. It looks really great, especially in Qt 5!

QtWebEngine is a new Web Engine in Qt (using Chromium with Blink). It is not yet in Alpha stage, however it is already possible to build and run QupZilla with it. Given the fact that Chromium uses multi-process architecture, a lot of API is now asynchronous (instead of synchronous as in QtWebKit). It means that a lot of advanced features in QupZilla will need to adapt to this change. For now, those features are simply disabled.
You can try QupZilla with QtWebEngine using qtwebengine branch. It has some issues, but it works. In fact, I wrote this entire post with QupZilla-QtWebEngine.
And for all of you who don't like multi-process architecture, there is a --single-process switch ;-)

QupZilla running on QtWebEngine
Next release
Next release will be 1.8.0. All version with 1 as a major version number will be using QtWebKit as its web engine.
New major version 2.0.0 will be using QtWebEngine only. But that will still take some time (maybe with Qt 5.4).


  1. Great news, David!

    There is one thing that don't get me sleeping well... it's big G.'s spying engine..
    It might be ported with new Qt or not... I don't know...Could you investigate that, please?
    It's name - RLZ - in Chromium code - and it's like a single module(bunch) of data, so it could be deleted(eleminated) from source easily...
    If you find something equal in QtWebEngine, please delete it from scratch in QupZilla!
    ...because it's not only a spying thing , but it contains a hidden api also(((

  2. And many thanks for "single-process switch" !
    I will use it a lot!!!!
    But never the less I hope for being options for selective multiprocess- one for browser+html, one for js-engine, one for plugins,one for each opened browser window!
    I hope you'll like this idea!

  3. I was expecting a zoom widget more like the chromium style:

    Could it be possible? :d

    1. This looks cool! Do you have a code for it?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. sorry, it is an image I created using gimp, is only a concept :-/

  4. When highligting and right clicking on a non-clickable link, such as Arturo's above, there is an option to go to web address. Is it possible to add options to open it in a new tab and new window?

    1. You can use ctrl+click or middle mouse click to open it in new tab. It is currently, not possible to open it in new window, but it will be implemented (with shift + click)

  5. "And for all of you who don't like multi-process architecture, there is a --single-process switch"

    It seems a great thing: I hate multi-process browsers!

    Could you tell me more about this feature?

    Thank you David!

  6. Great news. It'd be great to see this project thrive on modern days when gigantic software companies seem to virtually monopolize browser competition. Please keep up good work by keeping this project alive!

  7. Sérgio MarquesApril 14, 2014 at 5:58 AM

    This new boolmarks feature will be in any of 1.x releases or only in 2.x?

    1. It's already in the development version (1.7.0), so yes, it will be available in 1.8.0.

  8. Thanks a lot for the new handling of bookmarks! Been missing this. Great work!!!

  9. What i realy missing is that i can't get a map into a map.
    it concerns the bookmarks.
    What i mean is: I can not map with links into a single folder.

    I make a new folder called Fora.
    In the folder Fora i want several other folders with names like Ubuntu, Mint, Helpmij etc.
    In these folders are links to websites.

    The problem is that ik can't get kopie the folder with already a name and have links to websties, into another folder with an name.

    I hope you understand what i mean.