Friday, February 14, 2014

QupZilla 1.6.3 released!

Third quick bugfix release is now available.
  • workaround for servers not understanding TLSv1 handshake
  • addded new Spanish (Mexico) translation
  • option to change list of SslV3 forced sites in settings.ini
  • show error message when downloading AdBlock subscriptions fails
  • fixed building on FreeBSD, OS/2

Download: source code


  1. Thank you David.
    I'd like Qupzilla had keyboard shortcuts like Opera 12.x: will it be possible?

    1. In the git repo there is a new option for single key shortcuts, similar to Opera. Currently the keys 1 (previous tab), 2 (next tab) and / (search/ find) are implemented.

  2. This is now the best Qt Browser ,so I think but some problems are there.

    Google Hangouts do not work because we can not enable the google talk plug in or Qupzilla is not compatible.
    Some problem with spell-checking in openSUSE 13.1 because the hunspell in not in the standard location(/user/share/hunspell) and I can select myspell and it gives me languages options on the right click menu but it do not work.

    On Chakra Linux the spell-checker works fine because hunspell is in the standard location.

    Some crashes from time too time but Ok so keep the good work up and lets see how good this browser will be with Qt5 and QtWebEngine.

    Thanks :D

    1. You can change path for dictionaries with DICPATH env variable.

    2. I have looked at this before but no use it is an openSUSE specific problem so another method is needed but never mind I do not need the spell spell checker for now.
      Anyway it works in Chakra Linux how it should and the hunspell package is maybe in openSUSE a bit different than in other distros.

    3. I should probably mention that spellcheck is only supported with QtWebKit 2.3. Maybe this is the issue, this version is available in Chakra, but I am not so sure about openSUSE.

    4. On openUSE 13.1 QtWebkit is on 2.3.3,the only problem is the location of hunspell or maybe some other thing with hunspell.

      her is the list of installed files of hunspell maybe you know which one should work:

      hunspell - Hunspell - a spell checker and morphological analyzer library


      24 files total

      As sad before no /user/share/hunspell

    5. You also need to install directories for spellcheck. Please see QupZilla terminal output for more debug info.

  3. Please upgrade WebKit engine!

    1. are you Windows user? Windows 8 : use 4.8.5 VS2013

      but QtWebkit 2.3.3 on Windows never tested^^,

  4. QupZilla 1.6.3
    WebKit 537.21
    Qt 4.8.5
    Platform - Windows

    When I open the Adblock settings it hang all browser.
    This adblock this is old version.
    You cannot change on adblock plus?

    And You can add the option of the addition own plugin to next version?
    This is very missing.

    Very please for the consideration of this.

    The best regards.

  5. David, muchas gracias por tu tiempo. La Versión de la aplicación 1.6.3
    Versión de WebKit 534.34 programa funciona muy bién en Debian Jessie/testing.

    Hay alguna posibilidad de personalizar un poco más los shortcuts para manejar el comportamiento de las pestañas?.

    Gracias y saludos!

  6. Another issue, when I visit:, I can not see the page properly. Why?. Thanks for your time, cheers !.

  7. From : Aurore
    Hello, I'm using the 1.6.0 version and would like to update to the 1.6.3, my problem is : I don't know how to do it? Do I have to dowload everything again? Is there an update button somewhere? Thank you very much for your answer.
    Version de l'application 1.6.0
    Version de Qt 4.8.5
    Version de WebKit 537.21
    Date de compilation Jan 3 2014 19:45:22
    Plateforme Windows Vista

  8. Gracias, buen navegador ;)

  9. qupzilla cannot save page with images,javascipts and css!

  10. Is it possible to add pop up blocker?

  11. I'm really loving this browser! It's the best of all worlds. Thanks for your hard work! I can't believe I hadn't heard of it before and that it's not in my default repos.

  12. Greetings - really like this browser, but am having problem with email functionality. I can get to my inbox, but can't open any emails, can't see other email folders, and can't access preference options. I can do all these things in Opera 12.16. Have tried changin user agents, and added to the list of SSLv3Sites.

    Would like to step away from Opera 12.16 (Linux), but can't make the jump to Qupzilla until I can access emails. Thanks.

  13. Hi, i like qupzilla browser but is there any chance that resume download option can be added because just in case the download suddenly paused or stop i can resume it.

    Hopefully this option can be added.........thanks

    1. Well the reason is that when downloading big file well it takes time to finish it sometime the network reset or stop for maintenance so the download would paused or but adding this resume option can be useful so don't redo the download all over it did happen to me three times already which i don' have option once it stop downloading it says is done but not yet for if downloading a like 4.2 gigabyte and the actual download stop at 2.5 gigabyte and the next network stop then i loose the file and start all over again....

      PS: Some site when downloading files it takes time depending on the bandwidth...sometime it goes between 90 to 100 kb/s. So does would at least 13 hrs....of that speed...and sometimes the network stop for reason.

      What about auto paused option too?

      resume and auto paused option can be useful as well..

      Hopefully this option can added on download manager.... thanks

    2. Download resume is planned, see as well as a download manager in a new card.

      It is always possible to use an external download manager, that support these features. Go to Preferences -> Downloads -> External download manager

  14. Hi, the first time run qupzill v1.6.3 it crash and also while i'm surfing the net.When i left qupzilla browser for along time like standby it load so much and slowdown and have wait till stop loading the site back or otherwise i have reload the site to get back in.Also while i'm downloading huge file like 4.2gb for example while i left it for a while till it finished before it even done download manager disappear while the main browser windows is still intact.That also happen in v1.6.2 as well.........Thanks

  15. Hi,well I am just wondering when the plugin would be supported like firefox browser does and chrome....Thanks.........

  16. Hi well thanks for planning to add download resume because some site does not support external download manager standalone program only browser with download manager..built-in....Thanks............