Wednesday, February 5, 2014

QupZilla 1.6.1 now available for Mac OS X

QupZilla for Mac OS X
Latest stable version is now available for Mac OS X users. Thanks to Filip Staněk for his help with building! With his help, all following releases will be built for Mac OS X in time.

You can download the latest QupZilla-1.6.1.dmg here (built with latest Qt 5.2).

Note for Windows builds
The latest Windows builds are built with Qt 4.8.5 to ensure compatibility with Windows 2000. It still contains QtWebKit 2.3, so there is no downside from Qt 4.8.6 (it was unreleased git version) that was used in initial builds.

Donations in BitCoin
It is now also possible to donate on homepage in BitCoins.
I'd like to also thank to all of you who already donated! Your help is highly appreciated!


  1. wow! Awesome, Qupzilla is just getting better and better

  2. One of the many thingsI love about QupZilla, apart from the speed, the size of the code, the clean 'feel' of it, the fact it is is FreeBSD and the built in adblock/filters etc.... is DAVID ROSCA...... he taskes the time to answer on here, how cool is that? There are many Devs who would not lower themselves to talk to the proletariat.... but Kudos to David for making the effort. Thanks for all your work David...

    1. I myself don't have a FreeBSD machine, but the code should be compilable just fine there.
      However, if you find any issues, feel free to report them at GitHub. Thanks

  3. Ooops, above portion should read "the fact it is is available for FreeBSD".... Doh, that's why I don't code.... no checking!