Friday, February 14, 2014

QupZilla 1.6.3 released!

Third quick bugfix release is now available.
  • workaround for servers not understanding TLSv1 handshake
  • addded new Spanish (Mexico) translation
  • option to change list of SslV3 forced sites in settings.ini
  • show error message when downloading AdBlock subscriptions fails
  • fixed building on FreeBSD, OS/2

Download: source code

Thursday, February 13, 2014

QupZilla 1.6.2 released!

Second bugfix release is now available.
  • workaround for servers not understanding TLSv1 handshake
  • tabs on top are now enabled by default
  • restore session after launch is now enabled by default
  • don't load tabs until selected is now enabled by default
  • tab previews are now disabled by default
  • reworked scrolling with wheel in tabbar
  • Ctrl+W shortcut no longer closes a pinned tab
  • fixed: setting DuckDuckGo as default search provider
  • fixed: issues detected by
  • fixed: showing more default search engines with same name
  • fixed: incorrect exception rules handling in AdBlock
  • fixed: flickering when removing tabs from tabbar
  • fixed: flickering when (un)pinning tabs
  • fixed: flickering when opening new tabs with sites that loads instantly
  • fixed: drawing correct mouseouver state for tabs
  • fixed: drawing tabbar correctly with Oxygen style
  • fixed: drawing list items with Qt5 Fusion style
  • fixed: tooltips disappearing on (un)pinning tabs
  • fixed: incorrectly changing current index when closing tabs in inactive tabbar
  • fixed: incorrectly showing url in locationbar when load request was not accepted
  • fixed: always add slash '/' between path and filename when downloading files
  • fixed: cursor jumping at the start in locationbar
  • mac: fixed toggle fullscreen action in menu
  • windows: save application data in %LOCALAPPDATA%

Download: source code

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

QupZilla 1.6.1 now available for Mac OS X

QupZilla for Mac OS X
Latest stable version is now available for Mac OS X users. Thanks to Filip Staněk for his help with building! With his help, all following releases will be built for Mac OS X in time.

You can download the latest QupZilla-1.6.1.dmg here (built with latest Qt 5.2).

Note for Windows builds
The latest Windows builds are built with Qt 4.8.5 to ensure compatibility with Windows 2000. It still contains QtWebKit 2.3, so there is no downside from Qt 4.8.6 (it was unreleased git version) that was used in initial builds.

Donations in BitCoin
It is now also possible to donate on homepage in BitCoins.
I'd like to also thank to all of you who already donated! Your help is highly appreciated!