Wednesday, January 1, 2014

QupZilla 1.6.0 released!

New version is finally here!

UPDATE: Issues with Windows builds are now fixed. Installer is now correctly in English language and both Windows builds were built with latest fixes from git.
Please re-download if you are using Windows. Sorry for any inconveniences.

For a brief information about new features, please see my other posts Preparing for new version 1.6 and Mac OS X image available and support for PAC proxy.

  • added support for Proxy Auto-Config (PAC)
  • added option to open another private window from private window
  • added option to detach tabs from window
  • added delete action in edit context menu on page
  • added possibility to remove EasyList from AdBlock
  • added inline domain completion to urlbar
  • added KWallet password backend plugin
  • added Gnome-Keyring password backend plugin
  • added StatusBar Icons plugin that adds extra icons to statusbar
  • added support for POST method in search engines manager
  • added context menu for translating webpage
  • added possibility to export bookmarks to html file
  • great performance improvement for matching basic rules in AdBlock
  • themes can now be loaded from profile directories
  • pagescreen can now save output into number of formats, including PDF
  • proxy exceptions now supports wildcards (*, ?)
  • cancel upload when trying to upload non-readable files
  • select previous / next engines with ctrl+up/down in websearchbar
  • ask user first before closing all but the current tab from tabbar
  • last 2 sessions are now backuped in profile directory
  • always show tab previews after a small delay
  • GreaseMonkey: added icon in statusbar
  • GreaseMonkey: added support for GM_Settings
  • GreaseMonkey: fixed userscripts when first loading plugin
  • GreaseMonkey: run userscripts in all frames on page
  • oxygen: set rounded corners for tooltips
  • oxygen: workaround for transparent background of tooltips
  • X11: Set correct WM_CLASS property to windows
  • fixed: size of preferences dialog on low-res screens
  • fixed: loading plugins with relative paths in portable build
  • fixed: displaying a lot of RSS feeds in RSS widget in locationbar
  • fixed: enabling disabled rules in AdBlock now works everytime
  • fixed: parsing OpenSearch files with XML declaration
  • fixed: don't show urls multiple times in url completer
  • fixed: drag & drop moving folders under bookmarks toolbar
  • fixed: files with relative paths can now be opened from command line
  • fixed: issues with overflowing tabs, it is now possible scroll through all tabs

Download: source code
Edit: Windows builds will be available later

Please note that not all translations are complete as of first point release. They will be updated in following point releases.

Happy New Year 2014!


  1. when the session management?
    as example save the current open sessions

  2. Great work! Keep it up!!!

    David, I wanted to ask one serious qestion... about future of QZ...
    -since qt5.3 it skipes to blink, ie from qtWebKit to qtWebEngine...
    Will QZ stay on forked qtWebKit (if it will be) or goes to qtWebEngine on blink with qt5.3&> ?

    1. I hope it will be possible to switch to QtWebEngine.
      However, I didn't really see the code of it, so I can't say anything for sure now.

  3. finally i found my new main browser after using opera 11.64(finally moving out) thanks for this great release.

    one question though in this version it uses qt 4.8.5
    in the next version will it uses 5.xx+?

    beware though theres a new qt based browser planning to recreate opera 12.xx features still in alpha release.

    i am looking for replacement of main browser(opera 11.64) since opera went to chrome.tried everything of chromium forks plus maxthon,slimboat,sleipnir,midori etc..but i found this and quickly get fell in love it is now my main and i keep monitoring to the development of this browser.

    though im a bit worried since otter browser could be promising and the alpha release has the default detailed information of loading of the statusbar(just like in opera) will you include that in qupzilla in next release?

    thanks again for this release and keep up the great epic work man!

    1. > this version it uses qt 4.8.5

      It does? I haven't upgraded my Qupzilla yet from 1.4.4 (which has been very stable and good on my old Win XP SP3 Home Ed BTW) and that is built with Qt 4.8.6 and WebKit 537.21.

      Did you really downgrade1.6.0 to Qt 4.8.5? I think it would be a good idea if you wrote those versions in the announcement, in the list of stuff you've fixed/changed/added. Anyone care to write here which versions 1.6.0 has now?

      While on this subject, the old bug in WebKit which causes it to crash when sujected to animated gifs under certain circumstances has been there for a good while now, is that gone in the WeKit version used for 1.6.0?

      Oh, and AFAIU 1.6.0 for MS Windows is still built using MSVC 2008, which means it will install and work even on an old Win 2K box. As soon as this is not the case, Qupzilla will no longer install at all on Windows 2000. Not that it's really recommendable to have a Win 2000 box connected to Internet in any way... I've been very much helped by the fact that this is a browser with a modern WebKit which installs on very old MS Win versions!

    2. I never used Qt 5 in Windows builds in first place. Mostly because it is not compatible with Win 2k.

  4. Hello. How to configure mouse gestures, change gestures?

  5. i'm crying.
    When i saw qupzilla 1.6.0 in the last chakra linux upgrades, i thought : "fuck yeah!"

  6. Loving the update so far, but is there a way to disable inline domain completion in urlbar? If not, there really should be. Its absence is one of the main things that attracted me to QupZilla. :(

    1. Oh you are right, there really is no way to disable it! How did I miss it?
      Sorry about that, it will be in 1.6.1

  7. I can't disable tab preview!

    1. It will be fixed in 1.6.1 bugfix release. If you are using Windows, please re-download (fix is included in current Windows builds).

    2. Thank you so much, David!

  8. I liked the old scroll-on-tab-bar behaviour, which switches tabs. Is it still possible to have it this way?

    1. Mouse wheel scrolling still switches tab, but only when there is enough space (in other words, when tabs are not overflowing).
      I will add option to use mouse wheel scrolling to switch tabs even after overflowing. It will be in 1.6.1

    2. For me this does not work in any case in the new version.

      Anyway, thanks a lot for developing this nice browser!

  9. Thank you for the update. Since a year or so it's my new default browser. After firefox removed too much functions or added dummy features...
    Good job, but in the new verison the search engine shortcut function isn't working anymore. E.g. my dictionary website ( is specified with dict. Adding "dict help" to the adresse bar brings me to my default search engine. If I deactivate the option "Search with Default Engine" the keyword dict is ignored, too. Is it a bug (or a feature)? Thanks in advance

  10. How can I update my qupzilla 1.4.4 to 1.6.0 from fedora 20?, when I try to update my system it does not show any update for qupzilla.

    1. This is rather a question for your maintainer/the community of your distribution.
      I'm a openSUSE user, but when I don't find a package in my standard repository I look at and use the "1 click install". Sometimes (rarely?) you can find fedora packages too. Fedora and SuSE are both using rpm. So you can try the SuSE 13.1 KDE:Extra repo. But really no guarantee. I even don't know if your system can handle the 1 click install file.
      But if you don't know so much about your system it might be better to ask in a fedora forum (or similiar) before. Good luck

  11. Happy new year to you & all the contributers! Thanks again for all your hard work...Qup just keeps getting better and better.


  12. I have one bug with win build((( on my portable win pe-
    it can't load pictures (.jpg basicly)

    Could you built QupZilla now on qt5.2 or qt5.1 please !
    I've tested some other browsers on the latest qt - it works fine!!!

    1. I'm using the latest (1.6.0) portable build in a Windows environment as well with no such issues.

  13. is there a way to change max connections/persistent per server in qupzilla?(windows 7)

    or any hacks?

  14. Hi, I wanted to notify you of a little problem I found using your browser :
    In the speed dial when you add or change a shortcut if you're using a dark colour scheme you see in the labels to fill a dark text on a dark background and it's impossible to read anything if you don't select what you've written.

    Btw I got to know your browser about one month ago and I like it really much. Thank you for the great work your putting into bulding it!!

  15. Thank you David and other contributors.

    I have been using the new version for about a week now, I already liked Qupzilla 1.4.x very much but this new version is even better!

  16. I am very happy with the new release. Been playing with it for a few days and I can never recall enjoying using a web browser this much. Thank you.

  17. Hi, Just wondering if there is a setting in Qupzilla that lets me view my Office365 account? I can only view the lightweight version and I have tried all the user agents and also the settings in Office365. I'm on version 1.6.0 on xp sp3. Really like the browser by the way, its a breath of fresh air!

  18. Does current engine uses multi-cores and html5 features?. Maybe QT5 will give speeds and features like in Chrome to QupZilla.

    v1.6 on windows has performance problems with startup and new tab hangups.

  19. QupZilla v1.6.0 doesn't startup.
    I use Windows 7, x64.
    Anyone has a same problem?

  20. No, it starts without any problem @ Win7x64.

    But I have also a question: Is there a chance to start the browser automatically in full screen mode? E.g. for a "kiosk mode"...

    1. New command line option -fs (--fullscreen) will be available in 1.6.1 release

  21. howto c:\users\xxx\.config ---> d:\program files (x86\)qupzilla ??

  22. Some flash heavy websites cause the page file to rocket then Qupzilla crashes.
    I'm on Windows XP, Service Pack 3, Qupzilla v1.6.0.

    1. I, too, have been experience such an issue since version 1.4.0.

    2. Confirmed for Windows XP SP3 and Qupzilla 1.6.0.

  23. So I've checked the Qt and Webkit versions in 1.6.0 vs 1.4.4
    MS Windows builds done with MSVC2008 (= will install & run on old Windows versions!)

    Qupzilla 1.4.4 has Qt 4.8.6 and WebKit 537.21
    Qupzilla 1.6.0 has Qt 4.8.5 and WebKit 537.21

    A regression here w.r.t. Qt versions. I have no idea what the difference between those two minor version is... maybe nothing significant?
    No new WebKit version this time. So the old bug which causes Qupzilla to crash on various sites with excessive animated GIFs, is still there I presume.


    And thanks for Qupzilla, life saver for people with a need for a contemporary browser on old MS Windows machines that are still around for various reasons! :-)


    1. Oh really? If so, then it wasn't intentional.
      I'll check it and fix it in 1.6.1 builds.

      Yeah, unfortunately the GIF bug is not yet fixed in Qt 4, however it is fixed in Qt 5. I'll probably also provide Qt 5 Windows builds.

    2. David Rosca wrote:
      > I never used Qt 5 in Windows builds in first place. Mostly because it
      > is not compatible with Win 2k.

      Right, and this means that once that happens then the oldes MS Win version Qupzilla will work on from that version going fwd, is Windows XP SP3. Correct?


  24. wow, i just discovered qupzilla browser with this version 1.6.0. installed it on linux from the generic binary tarball and works very well. congratulations for your work, the browser looks and behaves very well!

  25. Hello people of Qupzilla, the truth that they do an excellent job with this browser, and it is great that people like you, David Rosca, addresses the requests and/or questions about this incredible browser.
    The truth that Qupzilla i use many times and other times I am using quite Firefox or SeaMonkey. But Qupzilla, frankly, has things that are incredible and the truth that always in its majority, QTWeb since he was born, i was always of the QT fanatic, and the truth that Qupzilla it does quite well with the mixture between the engine of Safari (WebKit) and the QT.
    Congratulations to all the team, and that in this new year, will remain the same as last year and will continue to improve throughout this year.

  26. I installed qupzilla 1.6.1 on elementary luna and it's not displaying any images. Is there a fix to this? I tried to disable adblock, but that wasn't any help.

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