Sunday, December 14, 2014

QupZilla's extension-wiki is ready

To give QupZilla users an overview about all extensions available for use, an additional wiki has been aroused. You will find detailed information about how to configure and to use the extensions. Many screenshots will visualise options and look & feel.

So, continue reading here: qupzilla-plugins/wiki

This blog post and the wiki was written by Jonathan Hooverman. Thanks a lot for his great work!

Friday, December 12, 2014

QupZilla 1.8.5 released!

Fifth bugfix version is now available.
  • save geometry of Preferences window
  • enable HighDPI pixmaps with Qt 5
  • add option to completely disable SSLv3
  • fix url for China AdBlock list
  • fix issue with opening modal dialogs being hidden by active window
  • fix loading dictionaries in spellcheck
  • fix behavior of delete key in locationbar
  • MouseGestures: add new gesture for duplication of current tab
  • Linux: fix go-icon not available in themes other than oxygen

Download: source code (at

Monday, November 3, 2014

QupZilla 1.8.4 released!

Fourth bugfix version is now available.
  • added possibility to build against system QtFtp module
  • CSS exceptions in AdBlock now works for rules from different subscrictions
  • fixed: correctly saving some settings in preferences
  • fixed: preference action on Mac
  • fixed: loading plugins on Windows

Download: source code (at

Sunday, October 19, 2014

QupZilla 1.8.3 released!

Third bugfix version is now available.
  • fixed: crash when passing messages to running instance
  • fixed: keyboard text navigation in some custom html code editors
  • fixed: string for filter third party cookies + changed default to allow
  • fixed: coloring CSS exception rules in AdBlock subscription tree
  • fixed: auto-loading saved plugins on startup in portable mode
  • fixed: text edit shortcuts not working with non-latin keyboard layout
  • fixed: building on Linux with Qt 4.7
  • fixed: crash when unloading AutoScroll plugin on Windows

Download: source code (at

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cookies issue + Build for Mac OS X available!

Cookies issue in 1.8.x
In 1.8.0 version, new option for Filter 3rd party cookies feature were added and the yes/no checkbox had to be changed to 3-option combobox.
The new options are now Always, Never and Keep existing with meaning Always block third party cookies, Never block third party cookies and Keep cookies from third parties already in cookie jar.
However, the title was not changed from Filter 3rd party cookies to Allow 3rd party cookies. Moreover, Never option was made default.
As a result, with 3rd party cookies being always blocked, some sites stopped working. It includes commenting on blogger (QupZilla blog) or on YouTube videos.

Until the 1.8.3 is released, you can fix this issue by setting the Filter 3rd party cookies to Always.

Mac OS X build
Latest 1.8.2 build is now available for Mac OS X! It can be downloaded from homepage as usual.

Older Windows builds
For some reason, the latest 1.8 version is not working on Windows 2000. I am not really sure why it doesn't, I have used exactly the same libraries as for building 1.6 version.
Some users asked for links for 1.6 Window builds, so here it is:

QupZilla 1.6.6 Windows installer
QupZilla 1.6.6 Portable

Thursday, October 9, 2014

QupZilla 1.8.2 released!

Second bugfix version is now available.
  • updated translations
  • use bigger default font sizes
  • fixed: profile version check when updating from 1.8.0
  • fixed: crash on startup on Mac
  • fixed: crash when opening menu on Mac when there is no browser window

Download: source code (at

Sunday, October 5, 2014

QupZilla 1.8.1 released!

First bugfix version is now available.
  • reverted setting DNT header by default
  • fixed: autofill not working for some frames
  • fixed: saving speed dial in case of crash
  • fixed: open file in download option on windows
  • fixed: Internet Explorer bookmarks importer
  • fixed: building on Mac

Download: source code (at

Friday, September 26, 2014

QupZilla 1.8.0 released!

After a long wait, the new version was finally released!
  • added support for window.beforeunload event
  • added support for external.AddSearchProvider js function
  • added undo/redo actions to context menu in forms
  • added new theme Breathe
  • added new commandline option to toggle fullscreen
  • added new commandline option to enable portable mode
  • added new context menu action to open links in private window
  • added new smooth and fully transparent loading animation
  • added option to disable weak ciphers in SSL Manager
  • added support for shadow builds with Qt Creator
  • completely rewritten bookmarks (including multi-level folders support)
  • location bar completer is now running in separate thread
  • menus are not closed when opening links with middle mouse button
  • ctrl+w shortcut no longer closes pinned tab
  • pinned tabs are now restored everytime, not only when restoring session
  • enable sending DoNotTrack header by default
  • full support for search engines that use POST method
  • Oxygen icon theme is now default fallback icon theme
  • Qt translations are now loaded from system directories where available
  • correctly load one-word hosts (eg. localhost or anything other in /etc/hosts)
  • search engines manager can now be opened from preferences
  • various tweaks in SpeedDial theme including lower minimal size for dials
  • various tweaks in Linux theme including support for big fonts in location bar
  • various fixes for Qt5 including bugs in tab bar
  • various fixes for RTL languages including rendering of location bar completer
  • AdBlock: support for exception css rules
  • AdBlock: improved performance of loading rules
  • MouseGestures: option to set mouse button for gestures
  • MouseGestures: support for rocker navigation to go back/forward in history
  • GreaseMonkey: correctly load scripts in frames
  • GreaseMonkey: fix rare issue that userscripts won't load on some sites
  • KWalletPasswords: support for KF5 KWallet
  • windows: load font.ttf (from current dir, if exists) and set it as default app font

Download: source code (at

Monday, May 12, 2014

QupZilla 1.6.6 released!

Latest bugfix release 1.6.6 is now available.
    • added new AutoScroll plugin
    • added new F12 shortcut for Web Inspector
    • fixed: correctly switching between tabbars when closing tabs
    • fixed: draw tabbar base even when there are no tabs in main tabbar
    • fixed: position of add tab button when there are no tabs in main tabbar
    • mac: define application category in Info.plist
    • windows: load font.ttf (if exists) and use it as app font
    • linux: fixed setting correct paths for portable mode

    Download: source code (at

    Friday, April 18, 2014

    QupZilla 1.6.5 released!

    Quick bugfix release is now available.
    • fixed build issues on Mac
    • fixed error handling when downloading CA certificates bundle
    • fixed error handling when downloading AdBlock subscriptions
    • fixed loading KWalletPasswords plugin

    Source tarballs are now compressed using xz.

    Download: source code (at

    Monday, April 14, 2014

    QupZilla 1.6.4 released!

    Fourth bugfix release is now available.
    • enabled sending DoNotTrack header by default
    • updated ca-bundle certificates
    • use same session files with both Qt4 and Qt5
    • fixed: Click2Flash playing videos on YouTube with Qt5
    • fixed: hiding close button on current tab when dragging it with Qt5
    • fixed: double clicking on scroll buttons in tabbar with Qt5
    • fixed: text visibility in speeddial inputs with dark themes
    • fixed: getting tab index with rtl layout
    • fixed: ctrl+up shortcut in websearchbar correctly select first item
    • fixed: correctly loading translations of all plugins

    Windows builds are now using OpenSSL 1.0.1g with fix for Heartbleed Bug.

    Download: source code

    Sunday, March 30, 2014

    New bookmarks and other improvements

    It's been a while since I blogged about a new features that landed in git, but it doesn't mean there aren't any. I've just been too lazy to write...

    Bookmarks have been completely rewritten. It now finally supports nested folders, the feature that's been missing for a long time. Internally, it stores bookmarks in JSON file with very similar structure as the Chrome's bookmarks (it is actually possible to simply copy Chrome's file into QupZilla profile and it will just work).
    There is now also support for separators. Bookmarks import now also supports importing full bookmarks structure (including nested folders), the same applies for export to Html.

    New bookmarks (Toolbar and Oganizer)
    LocationBar received major code cleanup. It no longer uses various hacks to draw host part of url with different color. More importantly, the completer now runs in separate thread. If you have a long history, searching in LocationBar will no longer slow you down.

    Zoom Widget and Closed Tabs button
    StatusBarIcons plugin now offers Zoom widget in Status Bar, well-known feature from Opera browser. Just a note, you can disable all icons except Zoom widget if you don't like other icons StatusBarIcons plugin offers.
    There is now also separate button for closed tabs in tabbar (in the right corner). There used to be option to show closed tabs instead of list of tabs in tabbar corner button. They are now two separate buttons.

    Zoom widget in Status Bar
    New Breathe theme
    Not yet in main git repository, but soon will be. The new theme (all screenshots in this post are made with Breathe theme) made by Mladen slightly modifies the Linux default theme. It looks really great, especially in Qt 5!

    QtWebEngine is a new Web Engine in Qt (using Chromium with Blink). It is not yet in Alpha stage, however it is already possible to build and run QupZilla with it. Given the fact that Chromium uses multi-process architecture, a lot of API is now asynchronous (instead of synchronous as in QtWebKit). It means that a lot of advanced features in QupZilla will need to adapt to this change. For now, those features are simply disabled.
    You can try QupZilla with QtWebEngine using qtwebengine branch. It has some issues, but it works. In fact, I wrote this entire post with QupZilla-QtWebEngine.
    And for all of you who don't like multi-process architecture, there is a --single-process switch ;-)

    QupZilla running on QtWebEngine
    Next release
    Next release will be 1.8.0. All version with 1 as a major version number will be using QtWebKit as its web engine.
    New major version 2.0.0 will be using QtWebEngine only. But that will still take some time (maybe with Qt 5.4).

    Friday, February 14, 2014

    QupZilla 1.6.3 released!

    Third quick bugfix release is now available.
    • workaround for servers not understanding TLSv1 handshake
    • addded new Spanish (Mexico) translation
    • option to change list of SslV3 forced sites in settings.ini
    • show error message when downloading AdBlock subscriptions fails
    • fixed building on FreeBSD, OS/2

    Download: source code

    Thursday, February 13, 2014

    QupZilla 1.6.2 released!

    Second bugfix release is now available.
    • workaround for servers not understanding TLSv1 handshake
    • tabs on top are now enabled by default
    • restore session after launch is now enabled by default
    • don't load tabs until selected is now enabled by default
    • tab previews are now disabled by default
    • reworked scrolling with wheel in tabbar
    • Ctrl+W shortcut no longer closes a pinned tab
    • fixed: setting DuckDuckGo as default search provider
    • fixed: issues detected by
    • fixed: showing more default search engines with same name
    • fixed: incorrect exception rules handling in AdBlock
    • fixed: flickering when removing tabs from tabbar
    • fixed: flickering when (un)pinning tabs
    • fixed: flickering when opening new tabs with sites that loads instantly
    • fixed: drawing correct mouseouver state for tabs
    • fixed: drawing tabbar correctly with Oxygen style
    • fixed: drawing list items with Qt5 Fusion style
    • fixed: tooltips disappearing on (un)pinning tabs
    • fixed: incorrectly changing current index when closing tabs in inactive tabbar
    • fixed: incorrectly showing url in locationbar when load request was not accepted
    • fixed: always add slash '/' between path and filename when downloading files
    • fixed: cursor jumping at the start in locationbar
    • mac: fixed toggle fullscreen action in menu
    • windows: save application data in %LOCALAPPDATA%

    Download: source code

    Wednesday, February 5, 2014

    QupZilla 1.6.1 now available for Mac OS X

    QupZilla for Mac OS X
    Latest stable version is now available for Mac OS X users. Thanks to Filip Staněk for his help with building! With his help, all following releases will be built for Mac OS X in time.

    You can download the latest QupZilla-1.6.1.dmg here (built with latest Qt 5.2).

    Note for Windows builds
    The latest Windows builds are built with Qt 4.8.5 to ensure compatibility with Windows 2000. It still contains QtWebKit 2.3, so there is no downside from Qt 4.8.6 (it was unreleased git version) that was used in initial builds.

    Donations in BitCoin
    It is now also possible to donate on homepage in BitCoins.
    I'd like to also thank to all of you who already donated! Your help is highly appreciated!

    Sunday, January 26, 2014

    QupZilla 1.6.1 released!

    First bugfix release is now available.
    • added option to disable inline completion in locationbar
    • added option to always switch tabs with mouse wheel
    • added option to toggle fullscreen with commandline option
    • added undo/redo context menu actions in editable web elements
    • speedup loading rules from subscriptions in AdBlock dialog
    • fixed speed dial with disabled javascript
    • fixed showing tooltips on tabs when tab previews are disabled
    • fixed search shortcuts longer than one character in locationbar
    • fixed building issues on OS X and OS/2
    • fixed disabling tab previews from preferences
    • fixed building new Gnome/KDE keyring passwords
    • fixed building StatusBarIcons plugin on Windows
    • win: add new jumplist option to open private window

    Download: source code
    All builds are now available.

    About QtWebEngine and QupZilla
    QupZilla will in future be ported to QtWebEngine, which will (amongst other improvements) bring multi-process architecture. 
    With QtWebEngine comes dependency on Qt 5, which means older platforms may not be supported.
    QupZilla on QtWebEngine will be new major version 2.x.x and I hope it will be ready with Qt 5.3 (or Qt 5.4), depending on Qt devs.

    Wednesday, January 1, 2014

    QupZilla 1.6.0 released!

    New version is finally here!

    UPDATE: Issues with Windows builds are now fixed. Installer is now correctly in English language and both Windows builds were built with latest fixes from git.
    Please re-download if you are using Windows. Sorry for any inconveniences.

    For a brief information about new features, please see my other posts Preparing for new version 1.6 and Mac OS X image available and support for PAC proxy.

    • added support for Proxy Auto-Config (PAC)
    • added option to open another private window from private window
    • added option to detach tabs from window
    • added delete action in edit context menu on page
    • added possibility to remove EasyList from AdBlock
    • added inline domain completion to urlbar
    • added KWallet password backend plugin
    • added Gnome-Keyring password backend plugin
    • added StatusBar Icons plugin that adds extra icons to statusbar
    • added support for POST method in search engines manager
    • added context menu for translating webpage
    • added possibility to export bookmarks to html file
    • great performance improvement for matching basic rules in AdBlock
    • themes can now be loaded from profile directories
    • pagescreen can now save output into number of formats, including PDF
    • proxy exceptions now supports wildcards (*, ?)
    • cancel upload when trying to upload non-readable files
    • select previous / next engines with ctrl+up/down in websearchbar
    • ask user first before closing all but the current tab from tabbar
    • last 2 sessions are now backuped in profile directory
    • always show tab previews after a small delay
    • GreaseMonkey: added icon in statusbar
    • GreaseMonkey: added support for GM_Settings
    • GreaseMonkey: fixed userscripts when first loading plugin
    • GreaseMonkey: run userscripts in all frames on page
    • oxygen: set rounded corners for tooltips
    • oxygen: workaround for transparent background of tooltips
    • X11: Set correct WM_CLASS property to windows
    • fixed: size of preferences dialog on low-res screens
    • fixed: loading plugins with relative paths in portable build
    • fixed: displaying a lot of RSS feeds in RSS widget in locationbar
    • fixed: enabling disabled rules in AdBlock now works everytime
    • fixed: parsing OpenSearch files with XML declaration
    • fixed: don't show urls multiple times in url completer
    • fixed: drag & drop moving folders under bookmarks toolbar
    • fixed: files with relative paths can now be opened from command line
    • fixed: issues with overflowing tabs, it is now possible scroll through all tabs

    Download: source code
    Edit: Windows builds will be available later

    Please note that not all translations are complete as of first point release. They will be updated in following point releases.

    Happy New Year 2014!