Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Preparing for new version 1.6

It's been a long time since I wrote last post. I haven't had really much time lately to work on QupZilla. Nevertheless, quite a lot actually happened in git.

New TabBar implementation
Thanks to srazi, new TabBar implementation now supports scrolling through all tabs when tabs don't fit at all into TabBar.
So it means, no more overflowing of tabs!

New TabBar supports scrolling

Inline completion in LocationBar
LocationBar received new completion feature - inline completion. You can now write only first letter and the most used domain will be completed. Once you see the completion, you can just press Enter and load the site.

New inline completion in LocationBar

AdBlock performance improvements
AdBlock is now much faster when matching only basic rules (string matching). It uses search tree and performs prefix search on url.
Implementation details are not really important for most readers, so the main thing is that AdBlock matching is now much much faster. I have also added option for EasyList to download and use the whole list (not just an essential part).

Other bug fixes and small improvements
Apart from those big news, there have been also a lot of smaller improvements and bugfixes. And of course things I forgot :-)
Just to name few of them: bash/zsh completion files have been improved to also suggests filenames to open, it is now possible to open files with relative path, new context menu action have been added for translating webpage with Google Translate, ...

New version 1.6
I want to release new version by the end of this year. The last feature I will add will be export of bookmarks into html.
I hoped to add support for multiple bookmarks folders in this release, unfortunately I didn't manage to find a time for it. I'm sorry, it will be in next release.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  1. Nice to see that Qupzilla is going on and isn't dead :) Great work, i'm glat to see version 1.6 in action :D

  2. Good news!
    I wish Qupzilla development was faster.

  3. I'm a little late in discovering QupZilla, but it has quickly become my favorite (and main) browser! I sent a few dollars your way for Christmas, David. Sorry it isn't much--alas, I am a poor college student. T.T Just a small holiday gift from a very pleased user. Do keep up the good work. ^^

    1. Hi, thanks a lot for your donation! Every cent counts and is appreciated, so don't worry :-)
      I'm happy you like QupZilla, and thank you again for your donation ;)

  4. I really hope that will the main browser for lxde-qt 14.10

  5. Great news, I'm really looking forward to the Adblock and LocationBar improvements.

    Thanks for all your work!

  6. New version is so close ... :-)

  7. I have one bug with win build((( on my portable win pe-
    it can't load pictures (.jpg basicly)

    Could you built QupZilla now on qt5.2 or qt5.1 please !
    I've tested some other browsers on the latest qt - it works fine!!!