Sunday, September 1, 2013

QupZilla 1.4.4 released!

Fourth bugfix version in 1.4 cycle is now released.

  • added ctrl/shift + insert shortcuts to copy/paste in webview
  • don't try to download empty page
  • reverted forcing SSLv3 protocol for secured connections
  • is now default search engine
  • fixed: correct height of icons widget in SiteInfo
  • fixed: hide tabbar with only one tab option now works in fullscreen
  • fixed: crash with Oxygen theme when closing windows with tabs on top
  • fixed: saving IgnoreAllSSLWarnings option from SSLManager
  • fixed: crash on saving settings with unavailable theme
  • fixed: Accept-Language header now works with all sites
  • fixed: using external download manager with use defined location setting
  • GreaseMonkey: fixed buttons in script list with RTL layout
  • GreaseMonkey: run userscripts in all frames on page
  • X11: Set correct WM_CLASS property to windows

Download: source code
Edit: Windows builds are working on Windows 2000 again.