Saturday, May 11, 2013

QupZilla 1.4.3 released!

Third bugfix version in 1.4 cycle is now released.
  • fixed: crash upon closing private browsing window
  • fixed: element hiding rules not working when more than 5000 in subscription
  • fixed: saving some tab icons in session file
  • fixed: make Acid3 test pass even with AdBlock enabled
  • mac: attempt to fix slow scrolling on trackpad

QupZilla is now also available in main Debian repository!

Download: source code
Edit: All builds available now.
Recently uploaded Windows builds contains Facebook chat fix.


  1. Thank you for this great browser!
    I have a question:

    is it possible move right scrollbar of qupzilla on the left?


  2. Hi David ,did you solve the crashing problem when you click a link from

    1. Hi, as long as those mentioned WebKit bugs are not fixed, this crash will still be present.

    2. Hi David, I am using Chrome browser and latest Spark(Baidu) i am not having any such problems with that site and links i mentioned.

  3. Compiled needs.

    1. I agree that releasing a new version quickly is important, but shoudn't having that version Available when it's "Released" be more important.

      As far as I can tell Ubuntu, ArchLinux, OS/2 and Mac OS X are the only ones with 1.4.3 Binaries so far (an odd assortment to start with IMO).
      On the download page Fedora and Mandriva just say "No data for home:nowrep / qupzilla" (won't even let you get an old version although fedora's package manager has 1.4.1 and with difficulty one can find 1.4.1 for mandriva too)
      Even the "Source Code"s "current snapshot" and "Other Linux"s tarballs are 1.4.2

      It's weird, nowrep is obviously working on QupZilla alot and improving it regularly with a reasonably quick turn around time for the code itself, but the binaries (and even source tarballs) seem to take forever.

      Please note that I really like QupZilla, and hope this project lives on for a long time.
      However, I personally would not make a "Released" blog post until I had binaries for all platforms I had download links for, or at the very least had my Source archive, "Other Linux" tarball(s), and Windows build(s) ready.

    2. Hi,
      those are only bugfix releases, so providing binaries does not have high priority.
      Please note that it takes really a lot of time for me to make all binaries (specially Windows versions), in sum it takes me roughly the whole day ...

      You are right, source code on website was still having 1.4.2, that's my mistake, I have fixed it now.

      I'll try to fix other platforms too. But there is also another point, I myself am only creating Windows and Ubuntu binaries (others are from contributors).
      I'd only welcome if someone offers a help with packagin :-)

    3. Hey, it's cool that you took the time to reply, and I hope I didn't come accross as being rude.
      By way of explanation, 1.4.2 has been quite annoying for me as I use Private Browsing mode alot (when I look in the history and see every site I've been to, I get this semi-OCD feeling, like I made a mess and I have to clean it up) and 1.4.3 includes a fix for the 'crash instead of quit from Private Browsing session' bug.

      Anyway, I really like QupZilla, and just can't get version 1.4.3 fast enough.
      Thanks for making this browser, and thanks even more for continuing to update it (my last 'favorite browser' (K-Meleon) seems to have been totally abandoned).

      PS - If you detailed your build environment & process(es) somewhere more community members might contribute binaries.

  4. Hello David,

    I really like your project, I installed on my machine QtWebKit (Windows8) to collaborate with the compilation of the program, I am following the steps on page, to use MinGW , this is good? or I have to use another system?, the QT version is the latest 5.0.2 down, I hope you can guide me to collaborate on the project.

    Sorry for my English, it is not my native language and use a translator.

    1. Hi,
      Windows binaries are built with MSVC, so if you want to get involved, please setup a MSVC environment (preferably version 2008).

    2. Hello, I'm looking and only find available Visual Studio 2010 Express, is ok??

      Additionally I have to go down QT, it requires OpenGL?,need to install in any order, i have installed Perl, Python, Win32 OpenSSL and GNU tools, or better a clean install

    3. Hi, yes, msvc2010 should be fine. But I am not sure about building Qt 5 on Win (didn't try it yet)

    4. It's me again (Seriously)May 17, 2013 at 9:13 AM
      QT 4.8 is available for MSVC 2008 or MSVC 2010.
      QT 5.0 looks like it doesn't support MSVC 2008, so should you choose it you'll have to use 2010 or 2012.
      (QT 5.1 Beta 1 is also available for MSVC 2010 & 2012)

      MSVC Download Locations
      Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 Express Editions Service Pack 1 (Installer)
      Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 (Installer) or (ISO)
      Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 (Installer) (ISO available on 2012 page - scroll down)
      Visual Studio Express 2012 (Installers & ISOs on same page)

    5. @Seriously: thanks for the links and information, I hope to start installing everything again this afternoon, or at least start, this weekend will not be able to advance anything, because I have to go out of town, but Monday will continue with the project , to see if we support our friend David Rosca in this great project.

  5. Hi,

    Could you please show the available version to download for each platform in the qupzilla download page? It will make it easier for the user to know if any new version is available.


  6. Windows builds are now available for download.

    1. Latest windows build 1.4.3 crashes on windows server 2008 R2 Datacenter SP1 64 bit.
      All compatibility modes fail, but "oldwin" 1.4.1 works fine, though. Writing this from v1.4.3 qupzilla.exe with v1.4.1 qupzilla.dll.

  7. Thanks David & contributors for this release. Chat in Facebook seems to work now! :)

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  9. Thanks again for your work David.

    Now that Opera is going nuts, expect a lot of Opera orphans to come here.

    The feature that Opera user would miss more, I believe, is the lack of an integrated email client in practically any other browser.

    Excluding the poor simplemail for firefox.

    Now opera mail is released as a stand alone component. Would be very nice if could be hoocked in some way to the Qupzilla window.

    do you believe it's feasible ?

    1. True! Qupzilla, you are our only hope...

      I would need a way to sync bookmarks over all my machines for this to be awesome. I'd try to use dropbox for this, but I can't find which file holds them. Or is syncing the whole profile directory a better idea?

    2. Basically, browsedata.db, session.dat, pinnedtabs.dat, cookies.dat and settings.ini are only needed to sync.

    3. SeaMonkey is still alive and kicking, too, if you need a suite in the meantime.

    4. Con Qupzilla voy trabajando pero a veces se cierra inesperadamente; uso la última versión en Kubuntu 13.04 64 bits.
      Me gustaría poder ponerle un fondo a la marcación rápida y algún tipo de traductor.
      Yo uso Seamonkey y fluye muy bien en Kubuntu 13.04, también Opera pero en la versión 12.16 Usé la versión 15 en Windows y no me gustó para nada, volví a la versión 12.16

  10. Will Win64 versions come back?

    1. Only if Digia provides 64bit Qt 5.1 binary builds.

  11. My default browser! I use this for everyday browsing but it's always crashing everytime i download files using force downloading with IDM (Internet Download Manager). Pls. help..

  12. David, chromium is better)

  13. Please update Haiku build.

  14. Great browser
    i think you can remove the part on the githup page where it says "cannot be a full replacement for big browsers like Firefox (yet)"
    I think it can, for many people.


  15. When is the next Version upcoming? :)