Friday, March 15, 2013

QupZilla 1.4.1 released!

First quick bugfix version in 1.4 cycle is now released.

I also want to note that 1.4 tree is available at its own branch at git.
Development branch for next version will have 1.5.0 number and will eventually be released as 1.6.0 stable. So that means odd numbers for development versions and even for stable versions.

  • fixed websearchbar not respecting select all on click settings
  • fixed certificates from custom path disappearing on saving preferences
  • fixed showing empty back/forward history menu upon restoring session
  • fixed duplicating current url in history when restoring session
  • fixed instantly showing popup when clicking on back/forward button

Download: source code
As usual, builds will be available later.

Known issues: Windows builds with MSVC2010 apparently crash on sites with animated GIFs. Looking into that issue now. (WebKit #112567)

Monday, March 11, 2013

QupZilla 1.4.0 released!

After 6 months of development, 1.4.0 is finally released!

This version brings a lot of new features, you can read about some of them in my previous posts.
Password manager was greatly improved to correctly extract forms from pages and is now also possible to save more users for one site (users can be switched with key icon in location bar).

Very important change is that config directory is now in ~/.config/qupzilla by default. It will, however, use the old ~/.qupzilla if it exists (and ~/.config/qupzilla does not).
While it is (and will always be) backwards compatible, I'd recommend you to manually move ~/.qupzilla into ~/.config/qupzilla.

This version is also the first version that is officially supported on Mac OS X, app image will be available later.

I have created new v1.4 branch at git and will try to backport fixes from master branch and release bugfix 1.4.x versions.

  • can now be compiled using Qt 5
  • QtWebKit 2.3 new features - caret browsing, animated scrolling, spell checking
  • added support for FTP listing files and downloading
  • added support for saving passwords of multiple users per site
  • added support for showing tabs on top
  • added more actions to super menu, also show menu inside window
  • asking user whether to allow site to use notifications/geolocation
  • option to set JavaScript privacy permissions
  • option to hide reload/stop buttons in navigationbar
  • option to disable alt/ctrl + numbers shortcuts
  • option to switch to tab from locationbar popup completer
  • option to set where to store network cache
  • saving passwords should now work for much more sites
  • improved showing navigation toolbar in fullscreen
  • moved config directory into ~/.config/qupzilla
  • certificates bundle is now only used on windows
  • reduced memory usage of AdBlock (saves up to 30MB with just EasyList)
  • greatly improved performance when matching regexp rules in AdBlock
  • GreaseMonkey: reload script if source file changed on disk
  • fixed opening browser with url with ampersand (%26) as command line argument
  • fixed scrolling to anchor in background tabs
  • fixed parsing UTF-8 filenames in Content-Disposition header
  • fixed crash with context menu in websearchbar and locationbar
  • fixed loading NYTimes skimmer page
  • fixed cookie domain handling according to RFC 6265
  • fixed qvalue format in Accept-Language HTTP header
  • fixed sorting files case insensitively in file scheme handler
  • fixed possible crash in saving page screen of a really long page
  • fixed showing window in fullscreen with XFCE
  • fixed AdBlock blocking netscape plugin even without Click2Flash
  • windows: fixed downloading utf-8 encoded adblock subscriptions
  • windows: improved installer allows registering as default web browser
  • windows: check and set as default browser from preferences
  • mac: fixed not working global menu after closing browser window
Full changelog can be found here.

As usual, I'd like to thank to all contributors, translators, bug reporters and users!

Special thanks goes to Seyyed Razi Alavizadeh for his great work on better Windows integration and finally making Mac OS X port!

Download: source code
Windows portable build is without spellcheck dictionaries due to size concerns.

Known issues: #793 (menu on back/forward buttons)