Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New QtWebKit and QupZilla

Some of you may have already noticed that QtWebKit (WebKit1 version for Qt 4) will soon release new version 2.3. More on this topic at kde blog:

The most important things that are new in QtWebKit are:
  • recent WebKit version (537.21)
  • WebGL working
  • support for spellchecking
  • new Caret browsing option
  • new Animated scrolling option
  • a lot of fixes, including crashes

However, there are some pitfalls when trying QupZilla with latest QtWebKit. Session data from older QtWebKit versions cannot be used, otherwise QupZilla just randomly crashes.
You need to remove session.dat, pinnedtabs.dat and networkcache folder from your profile.
Edit: This issue is now fixed in upstream.

Also to get all features of QtWebKit 2.3, you need to rebuild QupZilla against new version of QtWebKit.

Apart from this, QtWebKit 2.3 will be a great release.

New major version of Qt has also been released, Qt 5. This version is however mainly targetting mobile devices and has some issues on desktop. Nevertheless, QupZilla can now be compiled against Qt 5, so if you want, feel free to try it.

What's new in QupZilla
A lot of recent commits fixed issues with using QtWebKit 2.3 and enabling its new features. There has been also a lot of fixes, even for older bugs. Some example may be #632 (New York Times Skimmer page won't load).

Asking user whether to allow the site to use desktop notifications
Along with HTML5 desktop notifications, there is support for spellchecking. Spellchecking is provided by hunspell library.

Windows users will also have option to set QupZilla as default browser.

New version of QupZilla is planned to be released in the middle of February and will have 1.4 as version number.
Windows version will be probably shipped with QtWebKit 2.3 (if I manage to build it, which I hope).


  1. Please consider using static linking for win32 portable edition.
    Would be great to have single exe file and one profile directory for portable usage on removable media suck as USB flash drives.

    1. QtWebKit cannot be static compiled, so this unfortunately won't be possible.

    2. phantomjs builds latest QtWebKit with static linking
      patch is available in their Google git.

  2. Wait for the changes :)