Sunday, September 16, 2012

QupZilla 1.3.5 released!

New version is finaly here!
  • new Persian translation
  • option to remove web search bar
  • added shortcut for Clear private data
  • new options in AdBlock menu to disable it for domain and for single page
  • added option to disable search suggestions in search bar
  • added option to choose what to suggest in address bar
  • possibility to choose to use external download manager on every download
  • remember last section in preferences
  • much more tabs now fits into tabbar without overflowing into tab buttons
  • smarter address bar completer will show better search results
  • support for bookmarks manager and sidebar drag&drop managing bookmarks
  • new User Agent manager lets you set User Agent per site
  • new restore session page lets you choose which tabs you want to restore
  • new scheme handler for file protocol allows browsing through directories
  • new option to show loading progress in address bar
  • new option to start new instance with --no-remote option
  • X11: restore windows on correct virtual desktops
  • MouseGestures: added 2 new gestures for switching tabs
  • fixed gui with RTL languages
  • fixed issue with infinite opening mailto links
  • fixed issue with showing warning after creating new profile
  • fixed occasional crashes when closing tab while it is still loading
Full changelog can be found on here.

As usual, I'd like to thank to all contributors, translators, bug reporters and users!

Special thanks goes to Franz Fellner for a lot of various patches (urlbar progressbar, smarter urlbar completion, ...) and to Seyyed Razi Alavizadeh for his work on supporting RTL languages.

Download: source code
Update: All builds are now available (including Windows)


  1. please add download for windows this new version :/

  2. Is there any work being done, w.r.t. adding webrtc?

  3. I guess you meant Persian translation. ;)

  4. Great work!
    And will be 64bit build for Windows?

  5. For the next version my suggestion is to allow an option to force web pages to use the font you want. Right now you can set fonts in preferences, but they don't have any effect because the web pages still use their own fonts.

    Great browser btw!

  6. Great work David, Qupzilla is becoming better than Ff (on a KDE Linux distro)
    Just keep it up !

  7. windows build? I am on an old laptop and cannot build.

    1. Hi,
      Ï am currently working on windows build. It will be ready in next days.

    2. I can't wait to install it. Used it once for experimenting I am addicted.

  8. Wow.... What a great work, but...


    Where is my 1.3.5 Portable Version?

  9. Thanks for your work, I have been using Qupzilla a lot lately and with these new features probably even more!

    By the way, at it still says the current version is 1.3.1

  10. I have been using Qupzilla for about 2 months now in my xp computers and it is extremely fast and lightweight without having to adjust a million preferences for this browser to work properly..It does have its issues with flash animations as well as other types of streams..They do work but if you scroll the window while theyre playing they will tear and make them unwatchable until you backscroll to the position where you started it from,,and it has problems copying and pasting the exact text or command off of some web pages..Also you should be able to make it your default browser<>..In any case Thanks for all the work on this and Im waiting patiently for the 1.3.5 portable version as well...;)~

  11. Thanks for your work!Waiting for 1.3.5 Portable Version for Windows.

  12. Hello

    I have a question. I am trying to change the dock icon of the browser (on Linux Ubuntu 12.04) because it doesn't fit my theme well, but I'm having trouble. I have tried everything I can think of, to the point that there isn't a trace left of the old icon left on my hard drive and yet it still won't change. Any ideas?

  13. Very much I ask on behalf of interested, to compile for Windows the potativny version and an installer.

    With the browser it is completely happy but 1.3.1 it is often closed and destroyed

    1. Hi,
      I'm working on it. It will be, hopefully, ready tomorrow.

    2. Dear David, Qupzilla is really amazing, but unfortunately 1.3.1 always crash without reason. Qt always has many bugs, maybe you could take your time to do some debug.

      Good speed, my friend, i'm waiting the new release for windows. ^^

    3. Thank you very much for your work! I will look forward! Very much I hope that you will achieve stability of operation of this browser!

  14. Looking forward to windows 1.3.5 version..

    I'd also like to let you know your doing a great job and QupZilla is my favorite browser to date and I've tried them all..
    It uses the least amount of CPU resources that I've seen.. Looking forward to it's up grades..

    Thanks Again

  15. A really nice browser, but unfortunately the ad blocker sucks. For example in Facebook it dosen't seem to block a single ad! :-/

    1. Try to add this rule:


    2. Damn, my reply has gone nowhere!

      Ok I had said that your solution works perfectly, many thanks, :)
      But I also believe that rule, and the rules in the Adblock Plus lists that work so wonderfully on Firefox, should be in QZ ad blocker by default. The average user is not coming here to ask or find a solution, he will see all those advertisements and will switch to Firefox or any other browser with an eficacious ad blocker. So I thnk you should take this into account.

      Said that, I want to congratulate you for this nice, light and quick browser, :).
      Keep up the work, I think if it improved the stability and «stole» some ideas from Konqueror, it should be the default KDE browser.

  16. You do not plan to do spell check? Sorely lacking in your beautiful browser

  17. Hi,

    You have probably seen news of this:

    Will you try and make a release based on the newer QtWebkit? It sounds like there are some improvements in it which would really help QupZilla!

    Thanks again for the great browser!