Friday, September 28, 2012

QupZilla 1.3.5 for Windows available!

After 2 weeks, I finally managed to build 1.3.5 release for Windows.
I had some issues with MSVC 2008 and also had lack of free time, so sorry about the delay.

Download: Windows Installer | Portable Edition

Windows version is now shipped with latest version of Qt (4.8.3) and QtWebKit (2.2.3).

Sunday, September 16, 2012

QupZilla 1.3.5 released!

New version is finaly here!
  • new Persian translation
  • option to remove web search bar
  • added shortcut for Clear private data
  • new options in AdBlock menu to disable it for domain and for single page
  • added option to disable search suggestions in search bar
  • added option to choose what to suggest in address bar
  • possibility to choose to use external download manager on every download
  • remember last section in preferences
  • much more tabs now fits into tabbar without overflowing into tab buttons
  • smarter address bar completer will show better search results
  • support for bookmarks manager and sidebar drag&drop managing bookmarks
  • new User Agent manager lets you set User Agent per site
  • new restore session page lets you choose which tabs you want to restore
  • new scheme handler for file protocol allows browsing through directories
  • new option to show loading progress in address bar
  • new option to start new instance with --no-remote option
  • X11: restore windows on correct virtual desktops
  • MouseGestures: added 2 new gestures for switching tabs
  • fixed gui with RTL languages
  • fixed issue with infinite opening mailto links
  • fixed issue with showing warning after creating new profile
  • fixed occasional crashes when closing tab while it is still loading
Full changelog can be found on here.

As usual, I'd like to thank to all contributors, translators, bug reporters and users!

Special thanks goes to Franz Fellner for a lot of various patches (urlbar progressbar, smarter urlbar completion, ...) and to Seyyed Razi Alavizadeh for his work on supporting RTL languages.

Download: source code
Update: All builds are now available (including Windows)