Friday, August 24, 2012

New features coming in 1.3.5 version

Holidays are almost over and new version of QupZilla is coming.
So what are those new features you may be looking for?

Directory listing
You can now list any directory on your hard disk directly in browser. Clicking on files will give you option to open or save the selected file.

Showing QupZilla source directory

New approach to session restore after crash
QupZilla may crash because of a QtWebKit issue on some specific site. When trying to restore last session, you will probably get the crash again if you are not fast enough to close the problematic tab.
You can now choose which tabs and windows you want to restore.
Big thanks goes to Franz Fellner.

You can choose what to restore or just start fresh new session

Loading progress inside address bar
Another contribution by Franz Fellner. This popular feature you might like from Safari is now available in QupZilla too. However, if you don't like it, you can of course disable it.

Progress color will always adapt to address bar background

New release will have 1.3.5 version number and string freeze will be announced next week.


  1. I have problems with QupZilla 64 bits. this closes unexpectedly. I can not upload images in G+ (Google Plus).

    I hope this new version, fix the bugs.

    1. Unfortunately, this is QtWebKit's bug = crash. It won't be fixed in next 1.3.5 version.
      However, it may and I hope it will be fixed in QtWebKit that come with Qt 5.

  2. that wrong =(

    and the problem of the browser closed?
    when they publish the new version?

    1. "closes unexpectedly" means "crashes"? Is there a new crashlog created? (~/.qupzilla/crashlogs for linux, don't know about win/mac)

      Probably there will be a Qt-4.9 with webkit updated to v2.3. Two days ago there was the first beta of Qt-5.0 released, which should already contain webkit-2.3. But when there will be final releases - I really don't know ATM ;)

  3. sorry to ask this again but is there any possibility that this browser will get smooth scrolling?

    also is there a way to play amazon instant videos? it says my flash player is outdated and it tells me to update but it doesn't work still. when i try but it works fine on Chrome and Firefox.

    1. Hi,
      smooth scrolling is planned.
      I don't know what exactly is the issue with amazon instant videos, maybe changing user agent will help? In new version there will be per-site user agent, so you will be able to change user agent only for amazon :-)

    2. Unfortunately changing user-agents did not help. Youtube works just fine so it is strange that Amazon Video will not.

      Btw amazing browser once these little things are sorted out I am switching to it permanently! :D

  4. great browser, sorry for my poor english. give user the chance to copy paste a .xml or .html bookmarks file, please

  5. Looking forward to 1.3.5 Really like the low processing useage and how fast it is..I've used all the browsers and this by far is the most enjoyable one because of the speed
    I tend to keep open 10+ tabs and leave my browser on all day and all the others would be using 500+ ram and slowing down my computer but not Qupzilla...

  6. Could we have sub-folders in bookmarks?

  7. One thing I'm missing from FF, is the ability to find as you type, and if a link is high-lighted being able to press enter to follow it. I didn't see a setting for this anywhere obvious and don't know where non-obvious settings are. But otherwise I do like this browser so far.

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