Monday, July 16, 2012

QupZilla 1.3.1 released!

Don't expect anything new, it is just bugfix release.

  • new packages for Quantal in Ubuntu PPA
  • Ctrl+= shortcut for + zoom in webview
  • Ctrl+Enter shortcut in PIM plugin now also works with enter on numpad
  • don't append QupZilla string to changed user agent
  • fixed ' and " chars in speed dial's input fields
  • fixed zooming with Ctrl+Wheel for some users
  • fixed issues with cookies filtering
  • fixed $subdocument matching in AdBlock
  • fixed $third-party in AdBlock rules when Referer header is empty
  • fixed issue with notifications settings always reverting to osd notifications
  • fixed downloading UTF-8 subscriptions in AdBlock (eg. Ru Adlist)

Download: source code

Binary packages are being built right now.


  1. Awesome to hear...every little step forward makes this so much better. Keep up the terrific work everyone!

  2. no tiene el desplazamiento suave ni aceleraciĆ³n por hardware lastima

  3. glad to see the quantal ppa.

  4. Good job on the browser. Opera and qupzilla are my main two browsers I use now. I have used and still have quite a few qtweb browsers and as far as I can tell qupzilla is the first and only one that has GM (userscript) support. Keep up the good work, you've done a wonderful job so far.

  5. yeah, the greasemonkey support is appreciated. thanks.

  6. I installed it in Ubuntu, tried it out and decided not to continue using it. I installed it with the .deb package, but it does not show up in Ubuntu Software Center. How do I get rid of it again?

    1. Have you tried "sudo apt-get remove qupzilla"?

      Or else you can give it another chance! At first glance I also didn't like it, but it is now becoming my main browser.

  7. I just installed this browser on Ubuntu 12.04 and I REALLY love it, however I don't see a way to get smooth scrolling. Is there a way to add this? It's the only thing making me not want to switch from Chrome. I find it impossible to browse the web anymore without it.