Wednesday, July 11, 2012

QupZilla 1.3.0 released!

As I promised in last post, new version is here!

I won't be writing about all new features in this release because you could already find it out in my previous posts. The main things in this release are tab previews, new address bar popup completion, big improvements to AdBlock and at last, 2 new plugins (GreaseMonkey adds support for userscripts).

This version has been in development for a really long time (nearly 4 months) and it will also bring major improvements and a lot of new features. See more in this shortlog:
  • possibility to change icon of bookmarks
  • ssl manager now can import own certificate
  • private browsing is now opened in new window and new process
  • popup windows now have loading animation in urlbar
  • new gif for loading animation (spinner)
  • possibility to add RSS feed into external reader
  • option to specify preferred behaviour when opening new tab
  • better support for Content-Disposition header (downloads)
  • Linux: middle clicking on add tab button will open new tab with global mouse selection's contents
  • Linux: generating backtrace and saving it into file upon application crash
  • Windows: fixed theme loading delay (showing ugly interface for a second when starting app)
  • fixed all issues with saving password (i hope so)
  • fixed excessive ssl warnings when rejecting untrusted certificate
  • fixed handling special characters when searching with shortcuts in urlbar
  • fixed "hide when there is only one tab" option in preferences
  • fixed "close other tabs" action in tabbar context menu
  • fixed animations occasionally stop working without any reason
Full changelog can be found on here.

As usual, I'd like to thank to all contributors, translators, bug reporters and users! Special thanks goes to Mladen Pejaković for writing PIM plugin and Alexander Samilov for work on tab previews.

Download: source code

I hope you will like this version and I think that long time spent on development was totally paid off.


  1. Okay, um , flash is not playing audio on youtube , html5 works but it buffers to slow for my taste, in any case 1.3 is awesome !
    ubuntu 12.04
    flash 11.2

  2. Replies
    1. Can you send me link to this list so i can try it?

    2. Here:

    3. There was issue with download utf-8 subscription. I have fixed it now in git.

  3. Also I think that it is really important to make a scriptable plugins (on Python, perl, lua, bash, etc.).

  4. please add support for exporting bookmarks to html..............

    1. I've got to agree with anonymous above. I had around 200 links bookmarked for some research I was doing. Then I needed to move to another computer. Couldn't believe there was no way to export my bookmarks... :/

    2. Hi,
      you can always backup the whole profile.

      Linux: ~/.qupzilla
      Windows: Documents/.qupzilla

  5. Another exciting QupZilla release! Enhancing privacy (AdBlock) and usability (GreaseMonkey) is a huge benefit. Thanks a lot.

  6. nice lightweight brower.
    one important addon is missing ..... --> WOT(web of trust). i hope this addon also work on QupZilla brower.

    1. What about this userscript: ?

  7. I wonder... it is possible make adblock do not download content at all(like in firefox)? Because "downloading -> rendering -> removing" is completely waste of cpu resources and slowing down overall page rendering speed.

    Sorry for english..

    1. It works just like Firefox ... eg. it does NOT download blocked content.

    2. Hm..maybe i am doing something wrong, but..

      first i've added ruadlist subscription

      then, i just open a website:

      banners on the top are displayed for 1-2 sec and then removed

      I've seen exactly same behavior with chrome adblock... Reproducing is maybe difficult on modern hardware. I am using netbook with tegra 2 processor, so in this situation disabling adblock makes page rendering slightly faster.

    3. It's because those ads are not network blocked but just hidden. Element hiding with domain specific rules is done after page successful load, so that's why you see them being removed.
      But it has nothing to do with (not) downloading them. Both Firefox and QupZilla are downloading content hidden with element hiding rules.

    4. Thanks for clarifying this. But Firefox do not show this ads at all, while QupZilla doing "show&remove". This is really annoying and slowing down page rendering, especially when on a low power processor. Looking at Chrome, maybe this is somehow related with a way how webkit renders pages?

    5. It does not really slow down rendering in any way you could notice.
      Disabling AdBlock may make page loading faster because of performance of url matching. If you have ARM processor (as Tegra is afaik), matching one url with 10 000 rules may take a solid portion of time.
      If you are really concerned in performance, you should only use default EasyList (its modified version as used is very well optimized for use in QupZilla).

  8. Some suggestions for QupZilla:

    Tools -> Preferences (if you open this a second time, it should remember which 'tab' you were on last time.
    Implement a Links Panel (like Opera)
    HTTPS Everywhere functionality, see:
    WOT (Web of Trust) extension support
    NoScript extension support
    FlashBlock support I think is already implemented (Click to Flash) which is cool
    Shortcut keys like in Opera (Opera has vast support for this, you can do just about anything, from ctrl+F12 to open preferences, 1 and 2 to switch backwards and forwards between tabs, ctrl+z to quickly re-open the last closed tab...)

    Some kind of customizable URL redirection support
    File -> Restart browser (for quick restarting)
    Smooth scrolling
    Image properties right-click context menu (for checking an image's size in KB, etc.)
    Center images if opening them in a new tab

    Final comments:
    QupZilla (portable) crashed once, and I lost:
    -Edits to the speed dial
    -Edits to 'Manage search engines'

    OS: XP SP3 32bit

  9. Uhm... my last comment "Some suggestions for QupZilla" was meant for QupZilla 1.3.1, sorry.

  10. Addons and ReadItLater evernote, but for me will remain the eternal second browser on my pc.

  11. I agree, Nicholas, yeah, the only reason I still go crawling to firefox/chrome is evernote and a couple of other plugins that I can probably live without .. but I use evernote a great deal .. So, while surfing qith qupzilla, I often have to resort to copying links and pasting into chrome so I can clip ...

    Please please .. how do we get evernote support in qupzilla ..

    Muchas grazias to all the great people that must have contributed towards creating this lightening fast, no-nonsense browser ..