Saturday, May 5, 2012

New address bar popup completion!

As some of you already noticed, source code repository was moved under QupZilla Organization at github. With this move, I have also created new repostiory qupzilla-plugins for any plugins that don't belong to main repository.

The first thing you may notice when you compile git version is brand new address bar popup completion. It now looks overall much better and also has some new features. For example, you can delete selected entry with Del key. It can also show completions from bookmarks and it will also show star icon in that case.

Popup completion showing most visited sites

Another thing is improved performance of history manager and sidebar. It can now use the same model as backend and thus also use less memory. In history manager, you can now optionally see date of last visit and visit count of every history entry.

And at last, good news for Ukrainian users. QupZilla is now translated into Ukrainian language, thanks to Stanislav Kuznietsov.

Also, there probably won't be very much activity this month as I have a lot of work to school, so please excuse it :-)