Monday, April 9, 2012

Tab previews in git

Shortly before 1.2.0 release, Alexander Samilov sent me his patch adding tab previews into QupZilla.
His first patch implemented only basic tab previews (as you may see in other browsers). But I thought we can do better! I told him, I want to make it really beautiful before merging it into repository.
So he started working again with animations in mind and my other needs.

Yesterday, he sent me his work. I really liked it, however I missed resizing and fade in/out animations. Today, I commit it into github.

You can see how it looks on this video:

Thanks again to Alexander Samilov and I hope you like it.


  1. Looking good! I'm looking forward to this. I'm now using QupZilla as my main browser on Windows (I can't on OpenSuSE because it is tied with KDE 4.8, which I don't want to install just yet.) Sadly there is no way to set QupZilla as the default browser on Windows yet.

    A few things I'm still desiring for QupZilla:
    - Integration of WebOfTrust
    - Download Statusbar à la the Firefox extension of the same name, or Midori.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Alexandre CarvalhoApril 15, 2012 at 4:18 PM

    One thing that would be really really really helpful (but I've got no idea if it's possible, or how hard it is, or if it's on your plans) is the Flash integration with QupZilla (just like Google Chrome), cause, well, Adobe Flash Player® sucks on Ubuntu

    1. Hi,
      I am afraid that this is not possible.

    2. But I think that adding PepperAPI support in QupZilla is a good idea :-).
      There is a chance, that Adobe will release standalone PAPI FlashPlugin.

  3. hope to see a switcher to off the close button on tabs..., min and max tab width options + buttons to scroll tabs left-right when tabbar is full, and scroll all line of tabs instead of tab-to-tab option..., please!

    and seems like github's homepage not accessble now ((( dunno why (


    1. Hi,
      well, that will be quite diffucult, because Qt API for tabbar is not very convenient.
      Address of git repository has been changed. Correct links are on homepage, I will change links at blog later today.

    2. But, anyway is it possible to implement partly futures of TabMixPlus ... at least step by step?
      1. "disable close button on tabs" - I hope it is possible...

      2. "min and max tab width" - Imho possible disable text on tabs and leave on tab site icon only - will be min tab least

      3. "set number of tabs lines from 1 and more" - would be great future!!!

      4. scrolling all line of tabs option and option to disable(enable) tab-by-tab croll by mouse weel.

      5.Tab click history - when click tab 2nd time and go to previous tab in tab click history and so on.

      Could you please investigate a litle bit more about these futures, please ?

      I've no time to post in github now, but I've found a bug on win build with flash... - flash element is sliding from page when scrolling page up-down...

      And thank you so much for the great browser, I hope it will be the number one in the web!

  4. Congratulations for this browser,it's so good!

    I have a few ideas to introduce in future releases of Qupzilla:

    1.-A new option in the preferences to choose to click one time to select the text in the search bar,like the web adresses,or click two times.

    2.-A new option in the password manager to choose only remember passwords,or only web forms,or both.

    3.-A plugin manager.

    4.-Enable the option to reopen closed tabs in the private mode.

    I repeat,thanks for this fantastic web browser,it's very tiny,fast and lightweight,and thanks to you and all contributors,translators, make this possible!

    1. 1) Preferences -> Tabs
      2) Only passwords are remembered now
      3) Preferences -> Extensions
      4) Well, it kind of compromises the "private" browsing

  5. Firefox has recently added a feature present in Konqueror a lot of time ago: not loading tabs untill they aren't presented. This saves memory and rapidness when, for example you launch the browser restoring the previous session in which you had, say, 25 tabs since the browser will only load the one that is presented while the other ones in "second plane" won't be loaded unless they are clicked and bring back to first plane. Wouldnt be a good idea to implement this feature in qupzilla?

    Also, I wanted to report a minor bug, very minor, in reality, but a bit annoying: I have just updates from veresion 1.1.8 to 1.2.0 and when I've restarted qupzilla all my tabs have disapeared. I have been able to recover them from the historial, but I think this issue should not happen.

    Said all this, Qupzilla is getting better and better, it has eradicate Konqueror and Rekonq from my system and now it coexists qith Firefox since the latter still has more features and is more solid, but you deserve a ton of congratulations for the awesome good work you are doing. :)


    1. Obviously I meant «I have just updated from version»
      My english is bad, but not so bad, hehe. It's just that I'm just a pessimal typist, :-/

    2. don't load tabs until selected has been added in 1.2.0 version (preferences->general), that's why session file was not compatible.

  6. Could you please implement Google Chrome Extensions API in Qupzilla?, we may have a tons of possibilities of Chrome Extensions !!!

    and I support an idea to implement Chrome PepperAPI !!!
    It's a really good idea!