Thursday, April 5, 2012

QupZilla 1.2.0 released!

I am happy to announce new release again :-)
There has been over 300 commits since last version.

This release is in the name of Plugins. In this version, you will get 2 plugins (MouseGestures and AccessKeysNavigation). But it is not the only new feature, there has been also a lot of small improvements and fixes including several possible crashes.

I'd like to highlight option don't load tabs until selected, that you probably may know from Firefox. It greatly speed up restoring sessions with a lot of opened tabs.

At the beginning of this month, Adobe released new version of Flash 11.2. You are encouraged to update your Flash installation as this version greatly improves stability of all QtWebKit based browsers.

Note: On Windows, middle mouse click in webview automatically turns on auto scroll feature and I don't know yet how to ignore this behaviour. So MouseGestures might have some issues there.

See more info in this changelog:
  • Brazilian Portuguese, Indonesian, Georgian, Japanese and Romanian translation
  • added information about configuration page qupzilla:config
  • added option to show only icons in bookmarks toolbar
  • added alt+d shortcut for focusing locationbar
  • added possibility to import bookmarks folder structure on html import
  • added option to create search engine from <input> element on page
  • added "don't load tabs until selected" option when restoring session
  • added option to separate http and https proxy configuration
  • added new page into site info: databases
  • added command line option to open url in current tab
  • support for utf-8 filenames in Content-Disposition header (downloads)
  • support for whitelisting/blacklisting cookies
  • improved source viewer, it now shows line numbers
  • improved html import - support for importing folders
  • improved performance of bookmarks import and deleting
  • sending referer header when opening new tab from webview
  • user agent workaround for google sites
  • fixed history of frames not saving
  • fixed loading unicode urls from command line
  • fixed removing local certificates
  • fixed dark color of text in locationbar when using dark theme
  • fixed garbled rendering of desktop notifications
  • fixed text in locationbar on https sites when using dark theme
  • fixed not saving cookies on crash
  • fixed option not to send Referer header to servers
  • fixed showing bad total + downloaded size when starting download
  • fixed toggling WebInspector

As usual, I want to thank to everyone who reported bugs, sent patches, sent translations and also to all QupZilla users!

Download here: source code  (prebuilt binaries available here)

Packages for other Linux distributions may be available later, so please wait.


  1. After Firefox became an instable mess on my Windows machine and Opera was giving me trouble with the PDF views, I found Qupzilla in the blogs section on the KDE front page. Very promising project, keep it up!

    On Linux I have a problem with the dark color scheme I use on KDE. The text of the menus is black on black. However, I have read you already solved this problem. Will check later what version of Qupzilla is provided in the openSuSE repositories.

    Keep up the nice work folks!

    1. Hi,
      yes it is fixed now. New version should be in KDE:Extra soon.

  2. Would be nice if the portable versions, instead of being a compilation flag, will check for an existing file.

    This is usually done by looking if something like portable.txt exists, and if so, act as a portable version, else act as the regular one.

    In this way, we will avoid maintaining the portable package, and it will be also a valid working solution to have a Win64 portable version.

  3. Good job, but why gestures on the middle mouse button, rather than on the right, as in all normal browsers? It's damn uncomfortable!

    1. Because on Linux, context menu is usually shown on right mouse button press. And if mouse gestures were on right button, context menu would have to be on right mouse button release.
      So that's the reason.

  4. This is Really a Great Browser ! I hope u make it more greater <3

  5. I am unable to find the Win64 binaries, the download page contains only installer, and portable version, but nothing about the x64 portable nor installer.
    Are they available?

    1. No, i don't have access to 64bit machine (nor time to compile 64bit Qt).
      If you know about someone willing to help, feel free to tell me :)

  6. Thank you very much for answering.
    I will keep 1.1.8 then.

    1. 1.1.8 is not 64bit either. See

  7. I am using QupZilla 1.2.0 over Kubuntu 11.10. and I can't use Tor configuring SOCKS5 proxy (, port 9050)

    1. Does it work with other Qt apps? Maybe you can open an issue on github.

    2. Mmm, rekonq works. But rekonq uses global KDE proxy configuration. How can I test in other Qt app?

    3. Test it with eg. Arora please.

    4. No, Tor also does not work in Arora.