Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wanted: Help from Windows developer!

Hi again,
as some of you already know, I am currently making last changes before new release 1.2.0 (going to be released in a week).

Recently, new issue has been opened on github regarding setting QupZilla as a default browser on Windows. Unfortunately, I have very little experiences with Windows API and with modifying register.

So I am looking for someone with Windows knowledge willing to help me with this task.
Basically, these following tasks should be done:

  • offer "Make as default browser" in Windows Installer
  • in preferences, check whether QupZilla is default browser, and if not, offer to make it
  • register QupZilla as a http and https protocol handler

It's not that much work for someone skilled with Windows developing. I would really appreciate your help.

That's all for now, stay tuned for upcoming release :-) It will bring for example support for plugins or option not to load tabs until selected when restoring session.


  1. for waht, windows its a stupid platform.. i explain u that:

    The smart are few, we live thanks to the stupidity of fools and ignorants, this its a reality of bussines world,

    here are good paying jobs for the few Linux users, due server are 99% linux in the world while customers (99.9999% windows xp, 0.01 win7) think everything behing its windows, when really behind the linux web infrastructure exists ..

    do you see?

    so, dont care about that.. take easy.. we are the ones

  2. I use Linux quite often but sometimes I dual boot into Windows. Flash plugin support under WIndows is not very good which keeps me from using this as default browser on Windows. To be more specific Flash overlaps objects etc on WIndows.

    1. Yes, that's right. But unfortunately, it is because QtWebKit engine ... I hope this issue will be fixed in future releases.