Tuesday, February 14, 2012

QupZilla 1.1.8 released!

I am happy to announce new release again, version 1.1.8!

This release mainly brings support for popup windows. It is quite a big deal, in previous versions, new tab was opened instead of popup window.
Where can you benefit from this feature? For example, on gmail you can chat with friends in separate windows.
AdBlock can, of course, handle blocking advertisement windows, so don't worry.

Another feature that might interest you is option to use external download manager. Although the integrated one is quite good, you may want to use your favourite manager. Probably KDE users will prefer using KGet, so from this version, it is not problem anymore.

Note: Because of change in icons storage in database, all bookmarks and history entries from older version will be with blank icon. You have to save your bookmarks again.

You can see full list of changes here:
  • added Swedish, Serbian and Traditional Chinese translation
  • added option to set Minimum font size in web pages
  • added option to edit bookmark from bookmarks toolbar context menu
  • added option to enable/disable HTML5 local storage (and to clear it)
  • added option not to send Referer header to servers
  • added option to use external download manager
  • added option to add/remove page in speed dial from bookmark star icon
  • added option to import/export passwords into xml file
  • added option to change user agent
  • added global shortcuts for loading sites in speed dial (Ctrl+1,2,...9)
  • added global shortcuts for switch to tabs (Alt+1,2,3...9)
  • added possibility to create new rss feeds in rss manager
  • added alt+left/right click shortcuts to navigate in page history
  • restoring / saving pinned tabs only on first window
  • Paste & Go option in locationbar and websearchbar
  • support for JavaScript Popup windows
  • improved History menu -> added Most visited menu here
  • don't saving icons in private mode
  • improved and refactored context menu on page
  • little improvements in speed dial
  • using global QSettings object, should save some writed to disk
  • remember last folder when saving new bookmarks
  • disabling adblock on local schemes
  • showing size of file going to be downloaded
  • improved browser responsibility when loading a lot of cookies/history
  • possibility to change background in Speed Dial
  • possibility to change number of dials in row in Speed Dial
  • possibility to change maximum number of dials in a row in Speed Dial
  • using QImages to store icons in database now - older icons won't work!
  • fixed showing file type when download file
  • fixed saving usernames with spaces in password manager
  • fixed loading of some rss feeds
  • fixed loading incomplete urls in speed dial
  • fixed all crashes/issues with web inspector
  • fixed memory leak when canceling download
  • fixed open new tab after active option
  • fixed saving of sidebar width
  • fixed occasional fails to restore session
  • fixed occasional crash when closing tabs/windows
  • fixed wrong tab focus order
  • fixed loss of speed dial settings
  • fixed cancelled downloads now no longer leak memory
  • fixed showing of "Are you sure to close x tabs?" question
  • fixed searching strings with special characters
  • fixed sending report in Report Bug page

As usual, I want to thank to everyone who reported bugs, sent patches, sent translations and also to all QupZilla users :-)

With this release, I'd like to highlight work by Mladen Pejaković. He is the one to thank (or blame :-D) for Speed Dial improvements!

Download here: www.qupzilla.com
We have already reached 10 000 downloads coming from homepage.

Packages for other Linux distributions may be available later, so please wait.