Friday, January 27, 2012

Popup windows support and improved speed dial

A lot of things have happened in Git, so I'd like to sum it up for you.

Speed Dial
Thanks to Mladen Pejakovic's work, it is now possible to change background image, number of dials in row and also width of dials. It can be now personalized to look great on every monitor size.

Background in Speed Dial

Popup windows
QupZilla now supports opening popup windows from javascript method. After Konqueror with KWebKitPart, QupZilla is the second QtWebKit browser that currently supports it (correct me if I am wrong).
So what does this means to user? Instead of opening new tab, new popup window will be opened when the site requests it.
You can, for example, open chat window with your friends from Google's Gmail.
Popup windows in Gmail

Improved icon
Thanks to Sergio Cipolla's work, QupZilla's icon has now rounded corners and relief. I think it really looks better than the older one :-)

Next version, containing all these goodies, will be probably released in February.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

IRC channel on

New IRC channel for everyone involved in QupZilla can be found at
#qupzilla at
You can discuss there development, ask for features, get help or just talk about QupZilla.
Thanks for creating this channel goes to Mariusz Fik.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

QupZilla 1.1.5 released!

I am happy to announce release of new version, 1.1.5!

  • added Portuguese translation
  • added French translation
  • added Greek translation
  • support for loading long locale named qt translations, allowing multiple translations for one language (more dialects)
  • support for printing page through javascript window.print()
  • context menu in webview now handles also frames
  • using own CA certificates database instead of system one (+ automatic updates)
  • improved commandline options, possibility to use multiple options at once
  • hiding new tab while moving tabs
  • new project domain
  • using bigger icons in Linux default theme
  • opens all bookmarks from folder on middle click
  • Ctrl+Enter in locationbar now appends .com & start loading
  • opening links in new tab now opens new tab next to current tab
  • drag&drop site icon on bookmarks toolbar creates bookmark
  • improved performance of deleting history entries -> moved into separate thread
  • fixed loading of local files from menu file -> open file...
  • fixed showing rss feeds without title
  • fixed searching on page when highlight is enabled + added shortcuts
  • fixed Click2Flash plugin and enables it by default again
  • fixed crash when closing WebInspector with QtWebKit 2.2
  • fixed crash in Click2Flash plugin when element is not found
  • fixed "hide tabs when there is only one tab" option
  • fixed cookies loss when closing browser with private browsing
  • fixed overflowing bookmarks toolbar when there is a lot of bookmarks
  • fixed going to history items in history back/forward menu in new tab
  • fixed showing custom rules in AdBlock
  • fixed problem with downloading with right click -> download link
  • fixed suggestions for google and youtube

As you can see from changelog, this version mainly improved and fixes a lot of features. I tried to implement as much your suggestions as possible.

I must also say, that this version brings basic support for Mac OS X, although it is available only through MacPorts (link here).
As usual, big thanks to contributors, translators and bug reporters.

Download here:

Note: I have to study for a very important exam at the beginning of February, so please excuse little inactivity in development. I probably won't be able to push commits everyday.
Thanks for understanding.