Saturday, December 3, 2011

Speed Dial appears in Git!

Hello, few days ago I was writing about initial speed dial mockup. I'm happy to announce that it is ready now :-)

Almost all has been implemented on html page side in Javascript and jQuery. jQuery offers very nice effects with just few lines of code. This was my first touch with jQuery library at all, so please don't judge me :-D
Page loading is very fast thanks to caching page thumbnails in profile directory. Actually, on my machine (64bit Debian on ThinkPad R61 with Core2Duo T8100 2,1 Ghz) page loads in 200ms and on very slow Toshiba netbook (32bit Windows 7 on old single core Atom) it loads in 2s.
Loading time on netbook is not ideal, though, but everything is very sluggish on Windows there, so that might have some influence on it too.

Changing of page background and keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + 1, 2, ...) are not implemented yet.
While page background won't be problem, keyboard shortcuts will be quite tough. The main problem is laptop keyboards with lack of numerical block. In this case, clicking Ctrl + 1 emits Ctrl + + signal (and this keyboard is already registered to Zoom In). But I hope I'll manage to do it somehow.

You probably want to see some demonstration of how it works, so here you go:

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