Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mockup of Speed Dial

After initial work by Daniele Cocca (jmc-88), I have been working on a mockup of speed dial for QupZilla.
Currently, I have working html page. Pages are in max 4 columns layout and unlimited rows now. If there is not enough space for 4 pages in row, layout will automatically switch to 3 columns.

What is not implemented yet?
Well, almost anything else. The only thing I have done is PageThumbnailer class (it is already in git). Javascript implementation on html side and C++ implementation on browser side is still missing.
But this feature will surely come to 1.1.0 release :-)

I think the design is sufficient enough to not to change very much in release. Just look by yourself!
(Facebook is hovered on screenshot)

Speed Dial


  1. Too kind you even bothered to mentioned me, mine was just a quick dirty hack, this one looks much more professional! :)

  2. Well, you've done far more than you think.
    I've been already thinking about speed dial implementation details for a while and I just can't think up anything.
    And then I saw your pure html5 implementation and that was it. I made it almost all in javascript and it is cleaner, faster and easier than some hacking with QWebFrame and so on.
    Your idea is very valuable. ;-)
    I'm almost finished, you'll se it in git in next few days.