Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mockup of Speed Dial

After initial work by Daniele Cocca (jmc-88), I have been working on a mockup of speed dial for QupZilla.
Currently, I have working html page. Pages are in max 4 columns layout and unlimited rows now. If there is not enough space for 4 pages in row, layout will automatically switch to 3 columns.

What is not implemented yet?
Well, almost anything else. The only thing I have done is PageThumbnailer class (it is already in git). Javascript implementation on html side and C++ implementation on browser side is still missing.
But this feature will surely come to 1.1.0 release :-)

I think the design is sufficient enough to not to change very much in release. Just look by yourself!
(Facebook is hovered on screenshot)

Speed Dial

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New translations and other improvements

In this post, I'd like to show you what is going on in QupZilla development.

At first, I must highlight 2 new languages:
  • Polish (Krzysztof Malinowski) - pl_PL.qm qt_pl.qm
  • Spanish (Jorge Sevilla) - es.qm qt_es.qm
You can grab them at github.com in translations folder.

Also some new features has been added:
  • XSS Auditing - built-in WebKit feature
  • Select all text on click to location bar
  • Using icons from desktop theme everywhere (Faenza as fallback and for Windows)
  • Password manager now detects username

The last feature is the most important, this feature allows to implement saving of multiple users on one page.
This will land in github in near future.

Other features like new address bar completer, speed dial, ... are also planned, but it will take some time.

I hope you enjoy browsing with QupZilla, and as usual, feel free to post your suggestions (or bugs) at github issue tracker ;-)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

QupZilla 1.0.0 released!

I'm happy to announce release first stable version of QupZilla, version 1.0.0.
I'd like to thank all of you, that send me bugreports, ideas and test QupZilla.
With your big help, I fixed a lot of crashes and tuned the features already available.

So what happened from 1.0.0-rc1?

- right click on back/next buttons opens menu
- passwords manager now hide all passwords by default
- added possibility to place folders on bookmarks toolbar
- rewritten fetching icons in bookmarks importing, it is now much faster
- added option to close download manager on finished downloads
- rss channels on page are now checked only once - improves loading performance
- improved error handling in download manager
- site info dialog and locationbar now supports showing content from data: url
- added a lot of new bookmarks, including bookmarks from multimedia keyboards
- fixed: duplicated entries in back/next menus
- fixed: synchronizing favicons between icon on tab and icon on location bar
- fixed: middle clicking on every links in app will open it in new tab (bookmarks, home button and so on)
- fixed: restoring more windows now won't add additional tab
- fixed: mouse clicks on flightradar24 page
- fixed: about dialog style in KDE
- fixed: vulnerability in showing ssl certificate informations
- fixed: performance of cookie manager
- fixed: highlighting of html code
- fixed: updating adblock easylist

As you can see, there is no big "wow" feature. I was focusing mainly on stability and usability in this version and I hope this was achieved.

So download it right now: qt-apps.org github.com

Don't hesitate to report any issues or feature request, as usual, on github issue tracker.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Qt Ambassador

I am hapy to announce, that I have been officially approved as Qt Ambassador.

QupZilla now appear in Qt Ambassador Showcase :-)