Friday, October 28, 2011

Improved Bookmarks

There were some limitations in bookmarks, like impossibility to place folder on bookmarks toolbar or edit name of folder.
It is implemented in this commit.
I think it is sufficient enough, though you still cannot make subfolder in normal folder or subfolder in subfolder.

From now, bookmarks in toolbar are no longer present in Bookmarks Sidebar, as it is unnecessary and it also frees some space for your unsorted bookmarks.
This feature will be included in next version (1.0.0 stable)

Note: If you are building from git, you may need to either delete your profile (~/.qupzilla) or change your profile version to 1.0.0-b4 (in ~/.qupzilla/profiles/yourprofile/version file) in order to update your profile database.

You can check how it looks on following screenshots:

Toolbar with 2 subfolders

Bookmarks Manager

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Improved Password Manager

I received some complaints about showing user passwords in Preferences (link).
I can agree with that, so I have improved it in recent commit.

From now, passwords are by default hidden with "*****", and if you want to show them, you need to click Show passwords button and then agree, that you really want to. It's not ideal though, but to make it really secure, it would be necessary to crypt all passwords with main password.

You can see how it works in action at screenshots:

Passwords shown as ****
You must agree
You can see passwords now

Saturday, October 22, 2011

QupZilla 1.0.0-rc1 released

I am happy to announce release of first release candidate.

I hope that this is going to be one and only RC before releasing first stable version 1.0.0. But before that, it is important to fix as much bugs as possible to finally achieve really stable version.
To do that, I need help from you, so please report any bugs (or even feature requests) you found in bug tracker at github here. Thank you very much!

1.0.0-rc1 changelog:
  • possibility to delete click2flash object on page
  • completely rewritten SSL Manager
  • Search Engines Manager + OpenSearch support with suggestions
  • add tab button is now shown next to last tab
  • fixed: problem with bookmarks toolbar
  • fixed: loading animation ending with page still loading
  • fixed: occasional problem with updating address when going next/back in history
  • fixed: crash when clearing history

You can download it from or

QupZilla 1.0.0-rc1 on KDE
QupZilla 1.0.0-rc1 on Windows 7