Tuesday, December 5, 2017

QupZilla 2.2.2 released!

Seccond bugfix release is now available!

  • updated available user agent strings
  • added support for "font" option in AdBlock
  • fix build with Qt 5.10
  • fix build on macOS < 10.12
  • fix showing irrelevant domain completions in locationbar
  • fix showing site icons on some systems
  • fix clearing visited links when clearing history
  • fix using system network proxy configuration
  • fix saving window geometry when closing app with Ctrl+Q shortcut
  • fix various issues with web page not being focused after restoring session
  • fix AutoScroll plugin not being able to scroll to all directions in some cases
  • Linux: add StartupWMClass to desktop file
  • Windows: fix possible isssue with uninstaller removing more files than it should

Download: source code (at github.com)

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

QupZilla 2.2.1 released!

First bugfix release is now available!

  • fix build with Qt 5.10
  • fix crash in loading popup completions with Qt 5.10
  • fix clearing local storage on close when enabled
  • fix sometimes failing to restore tab on switch
  • fix document quality when printing to PDF
  • fix various issues with completion popup opening at wrong position

Download: source code (at github.com)

Sunday, October 8, 2017

QupZilla 2.2.0 released!

Final release of QupZilla is now available!

As already stated, QupZilla will now get only bugfix releases and next major release will be under the Falkon name.

  • added back print element background option
  • added back print preview dialog
  • added session manager
  • tab icon is now hidden when page has no icon
  • improved locationbar completer with search suggestions
  • improved handling of downloading dependencies in GreaseMonkey scripts
  • various improvements in TabManager extension
  • Linux: PulseAudio streams now have QupZilla app name and icon

Download: source code (at github.com)

Thursday, August 10, 2017

QupZilla is moving under KDE and looking for new name

I'm happy to announce that QupZilla is becoming a KDE project!

What this effectively means for users is that everything (source hosting, bug tracking, continuous integration, wiki, ...) will move from GitHub to KDE infrastructure.
There will be no changes in project goals - all platforms currently supported will stay supported and there will be no hard dependencies on KDE libraries.

You can see the current status of the transition at QupZilla Incubator (community.kde.org) wiki page.

New name
I've been thinking about changing name for some time already, and now is a great opportunity to do so. However, choosing a good name is not easy and I already didn't do a good job in the past, so I need your help!
Name proposals can be entered on the Incubator wiki page or here in the comments.
Please note that even though the KDE relation, there doesn't have to be K in name - in fact, names without K are preferred now.

Next release (2.2) is still planned for this month aligned with Qt 5.9.2 release. All following releases will be made under KDE and, hopefully, with new name.

UPDATE: It was decided that Falkon will be the new name.