Sunday, December 14, 2014

QupZilla's extension-wiki is ready

To give QupZilla users an overview about all extensions available for use, an additional wiki has been aroused. You will find detailed information about how to configure and to use the extensions. Many screenshots will visualise options and look & feel.

So, continue reading here: qupzilla-plugins/wiki

This blog post and the wiki was written by Jonathan Hooverman. Thanks a lot for his great work!

Friday, December 12, 2014

QupZilla 1.8.5 released!

Fifth bugfix version is now available.
  • save geometry of Preferences window
  • enable HighDPI pixmaps with Qt 5
  • add option to completely disable SSLv3
  • fix url for China AdBlock list
  • fix issue with opening modal dialogs being hidden by active window
  • fix loading dictionaries in spellcheck
  • fix behavior of delete key in locationbar
  • MouseGestures: add new gesture for duplication of current tab
  • Linux: fix go-icon not available in themes other than oxygen

Download: source code (at

Monday, November 3, 2014

QupZilla 1.8.4 released!

Fourth bugfix version is now available.
  • added possibility to build against system QtFtp module
  • CSS exceptions in AdBlock now works for rules from different subscrictions
  • fixed: correctly saving some settings in preferences
  • fixed: preference action on Mac
  • fixed: loading plugins on Windows

Download: source code (at

Sunday, October 19, 2014

QupZilla 1.8.3 released!

Third bugfix version is now available.
  • fixed: crash when passing messages to running instance
  • fixed: keyboard text navigation in some custom html code editors
  • fixed: string for filter third party cookies + changed default to allow
  • fixed: coloring CSS exception rules in AdBlock subscription tree
  • fixed: auto-loading saved plugins on startup in portable mode
  • fixed: text edit shortcuts not working with non-latin keyboard layout
  • fixed: building on Linux with Qt 4.7
  • fixed: crash when unloading AutoScroll plugin on Windows

Download: source code (at